March 05 2014

In case you missed it, our founder Skye committed herself to undertake the Whole 30 which is based on the best selling book, ‘It Starts with Food’ by Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig. The WY? team have seen lots of food porn on instagram, heard about Skye’s sixty day aged rib eye and ogled at her oh-so-nauseatingly healthy lunches….so what’s the wash up?

The rules….30 days:
- NO Grains of any type – not even the healthy favourite quinoa
- NO Legumes – yes, no hummus
- NO Sugar – not surprising and not that hard to avoid
- NO Dairy – ouch!
- NO Alcohol – OK but boring or so Skye thought….
- NO Coffee – Skye’s choice to avoid (the Whole 30 actually includes coffee but no milk) but Skye’s growing obsession with where and when she had her coffee was becoming concerning….

The results…5 new food mantras:
- Grains are not for Skye and she cares less about legumes
- Skye loves dairy and always will
- Fat does not make you fat
- Alcohol doesn’t really taste very nice
- A world without coffee would be sad place

Here’s Skye’s wrap up of her Whole 30 experience….are you game to try?

“I feel fantastic. The Whole 30 is such a simple way to live, it’s a way of eating rather than a detox or program. I have lost a couple of kg’s, I was never hungry and I feel like my organs are hugging me from the inside. I would highly recommend the Whole 30 and even though I had a very healthy diet before I can’t see myself returning to eating grains or legumes and I have not missed sugar one iota! Bring on the activated nuts and coconut mana!”  Skye Tipler, Who’s Your? Founder.

whole 30