September 06 2013

The WY? team is being extra savvy this year and putting our tax return money to good use. Here are our EOFY smart resolutions that we’re happy for you to steal…

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 1.38.07 PM

Skye – “It’s time for me to be even savvier when purchasing health products this fin year… between coconut oil, vitamins and white mulberries I spend a lot on my health! I’ve discovered great savings via online stores such as iHerb.com, and Vitacost.com which offer free shipping and competitive prices”

Claire  - “I am planning to put my tax refund towards an income protection policy for the new financial year. Being a self-employed single female in her 30′s, I need a back-up plan to allow me to carry on financially, should anything happen that may prevent me from working.”

Ross Hennig
Lakeside Financial

Maddie – “My financial advisor just informed me that one or two extra mortgage payments a year could shave up to seven years off a mortgage term. I purchased my first property last year so I’ll be using my tax refund to pay down my home loan balance. It will help me to build equity faster and pay less interest over the years which will ensure that I will be enjoying a debt-free lifestyle sooner rather than later.”

Neil Brennan
William Buck

Jessica–  “I’ll be building an emergency savings account using a ING Direct high variable savings account – It will be perfect for those unexpected times ahead and my aim is to have at least six months of income tucked away before Christmas!”

ING Direct