5 healthy helpers you need to get to know!

May 07 2014

If you’re experiencing early onset of ‘winter blues’, it’s time to do more for your body – and mind! Whether you’re looking for a PT to get your metabolism on the move, a meditation guru to help you de-stress or a nutritionist to put a healthy eating plan in place, we have the best contacts to get the job done. Here are five health and wellbeing warriors that can assist to get your body singing as if it were spring.

Catherine Craig, Founder and Director of Schkinny Maninny recommends…
“I have worked with a few nutritionists over the years – I usually design most of the recipes for Schkinny Maninny and then I collaborate with a nutritionist for feedback. Our Schkinny Maninny expert nutritionist at the moment is Karen Meier, nutritionist with FoodBodyMind.”

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Erika Heynatz, Entertainer and presenter recommends…
“Jodie is a multiple award winning body sculpting champion & personal trainer who knows how to deliver results. Her kind (yet no bullshit) approach means you learn exactly what you need to do to get the body you want, fast. She knows ALL the tricks!”

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Shelley Barrett, CEO and Founder of ModelCo recommends…
“I live a busy lifestyle so to keep grounded, I visit David regularly. He helps to put things into perspective and bring back a sense of balance when I need it most.”

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Andi Lew, TV Presenter and Author of Eat Fat Be Thin recommends…
“He’s more than just a trainer! Ben Hall from Carlson Gracie Jiu-Jitsu has improved my health and fitness as well as taught me self-defence with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.”

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Simone Marshall, Owner of Two Hands Agency recommends…
“Dr Warren Sipser from Sipser Family Chiropractic. Dr Waz is one of a kind. Not only a brilliant practitioner, but Dr Waz is the person I go to with any ailment before I consult a doctor. My weekly adjustments are a non-negotiable in my schedule.”

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