5 must-have contacts who will lift you out of your healthy haze…

October 31 2013

In a healthy haze….? We’re constantly asked for recommendations in the health, wellbeing and beauty space…so here are our top five contacts to help keep your health in check…

“Jerry has something special – he knows what’s wrong without you saying a word! He’s helped my sinuses as well as back and neck issues and comes highly recommended.” Skye Tipler, WY? Founder

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“I started seeing Melissa earlier this year when my neck was causing me grief. After one appointment with Mel I felt the difference and now see her on a regular basis for all my niggles.” Jessica Pattison, WY? Co-Founder 

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“Informative, supportive and provides excellent tailored approaches to improving health and wellbeing” Chyka Keebaugh, Director of The Big Group and The Design Depot.

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“Very thorough at checking and monitoring my moles, and always on time…very rare in a doctors surgery.” Maddie Elliot, WY? Creative Director. 

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“I have just started seeing Vanmala and she is a delight – she’s intuitive, sensitive and asks all the right questions. Homeopathy is great for so many health and wellbeing concerns, you’ll be amazing how effective it is.” Skye Tipler, WY? Founder

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