5 secrets to unlocking your inner creative at work

September 10 2015

It’s easy to get caught up in the mindless, creativity-killing routine of: wake up, go to work, go home, eat and repeat. Keep this up and you’ll find yourself prone to bouts of sluggish un-motivation at work, coupled with creativity blocks that prevent you from reaching your full potential, in and out of the office!

But today is where it stops! Instead of going through the motions, it’s time to let your creativity flow.

So where to start?

Digital creative company Brit + Co have inspired us with their advice on releasing your inner #girlboss and boost your productivity at work, whilst simultaneously have you feeling happier and more inspired in your personal life.

 1. Doodle at your desk
You don’t need to recreate the Mona Lisa, just pick up a pen and scribble whatever your feel.  This will stimulate the right side of your brain and can help create generate new ideas that may not have come to you otherwise.

2. Get out of your seat and beat the street
Even if it’s just a walk around the office, studies show that walking around (especially outdoors if you have the chance) boosts inspiration – as seen in the rising trend of ‘walking meetings’ favoured by corporate CEOs. If Steve Jobs came up with the iPod during a walk in the hills behind his house, imagine what you could create!

 3. Music for the mind
Recent studies have shown that our cognitive functions are higher after listening to music that we enjoy. So pop on your favourite Spotify playlist – ‘cause how could we argue with science?!

 4. Build something bold
Bring out your childlike curiosity to build and create by having a bowl of LEGO on your desk. Whenever you feel uninspired, simply play, invent and let your creative juices flow. This subtle process of creating will translate to your work life seamlessly.

 5. Pin it to win it
Pinterest was created to express ideas and creativity. When your originality hits an all time low, open up a new tab and absorb the ideas of the internet to get your daily hit of inspo. We’re currently loving Martha McQuade and Bonnie Tsang