5 services to help you stress less…

November 21 2013

While it seems stress has become a nationwide ‘epidemic’ WY? is adamant that it doesn’t have to control and consume our lives…The WY? team has rounded up their top five meditative and relaxation services that will help you gain mental and physical control…it’s time to stress less.

WY? top pick…

Shiva School of Meditation and Yoga
 - Take a trip to the beautiful ashram at Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula and walk away with a handful of tips and tricks to calm the mind and reduce stress.

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Smiling Mind app – Download this app here and be guided through quick and easy mediation sessions that are guaranteed to give you a sense of calm, clarity and contentment.

Tim Brown at Tim Brown Meditation – Tim is committed to helping people become aware of the simplicity and value of practicing mediation in modern times. While his services are not cheap, they are worth every penny!

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Annemaree Rowley at Cool Calm Collected – Annemaree’s passion for yoga and meditation is infectious. Try one of her classes and transform your body and mind through the practice of mindfulness.

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Lainie Wymer from North Sydney Yoga – Lainie has practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga since 2011, teaching with enthusiasm, energy and respect. Lainie will even hold private classes in the comfort of your living room…bonus!

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