November 13 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 10.21.54 AMStanding desks, office stretch sessions, pilates and the latest ‘Bar Method’ trend are all helping you edge your way closer to a straight spine. But what else can you do?  WY? fav MindBodyGreen shares five top tips for prefect posture. Here’s our edit of their helpful yoga-inspired article and five contacts you can tap into to ensure you’re walking tall and terrific. 

The pelvis
Yoga and Pilates reminds you to keep in touch with your pelvis but don’t forget to engage your pelvis and your magic pelvic floor muscles every time you pick something up or even when you’re simply standing in the queue for your morning coffee. Try Shannon Barry at Grassroots Yoga for your next pilates class. 
A stable shoulder
Walk like a model: shoulders back, shoulder blades down, open your chest and channel Miranda Kerr walking for Victoria’s Secret! If you’re looking for an osteopath to release tension and help with any niggles then Daniel Surkitt at Richmond Osteopathic Clinic can help!
Wrist action
Keep your wrists even and form a horizontal line from your arm down to your fingers. Make sure you stretch them out after a long day on the keyboard! To relieve any inflammation or stiffness in the area book in with Chinese Doctor and Acupuncturist Simon Smith from Kamala Clinic.
Relax your neck 
Be mindful of your neck, check in regularly and ensure it is relaxed and soft. Imagine you’re a puppet with a string gently holding your melon. If you can’t kick the tension with simple stretches visit Caroline Crivera at Milk and Honey Remedial Massage to loosen you right up! 
Bones heart muscles
Your bones and muscles work synergistically together every second of the day. If you ensure your bones are aligned your muscles will love you for it! Visit Dr Euan McMillan at Gentle Chiropractic to get your body in check.