5 ways to spring-clean your mind

October 17 2013

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Throw out, clean out, wash out, polish up, lighten up, brighten up – sparkle and shine – Spring is here and summer is not far behind! We asked in-demand Yoga and Meditation Guru and Founder of Cool Calm Collected Annemaree Rowley to share her top five tips to calm the mind and help you enjoy a more peaceful, fulfilling spring and summer…

Empty out the mind trash
Just like you empty old files in the trash on your computer…consciously toss out the worries, fears, anxieties, frustrations, and negative stuff you have collected. It can help to write them down, acknowledge them and then say goodbye! Ruminating on old issues is not helpful, so throw them all out into the ether and leave your mind to experience some peace and quiet.

Organise a cathartic clean out….
Stuff impacts your life no matter which way you look at it. Take time to clean out your office, car, home and your computer! Get rid of all the things that you have not used in the past two years. Get rid of all the things that no longer serve a purpose now or in the foreseeable future. The less clutter that you collect, the more space you will have. This directly relates to the mind.

Breath in some fresh spring air
Sixty percent of our daily energy intake should come from the air we breathe in but we spend most of our lives stooped over computers, or indoors running around busily, paying little or no attention to the most vital supplier of ‘oomph’ – Air! Shake up your routine a little – an early morning walk, a no desk lunch even a post dinner stroll will help you capture more of the good stuff!

Decide to live a little more
Put time in your diary to do whatever feels good, then and there! Watch something soothing, funny or fascinating. Dump misery, violence and mediocrity. The mind will thank you for it. If the sun is shining go for a walk and feel it on your back. Dump the green smoothie for a day and eat cake! Have a coffee with a friend – not your computer. And…Lie down!

Be polished
Polish your furniture, nails, hair, shoes – anything that reflects (and that includes your mind, heart and soul). Spruce them up so that you exude warmth, freshness and joy. Try and be ‘like a breath of fresh air’ when you walk into a room. Happy people make other people happy so share a smile or two, or three. It is said that the highest happiness comes from the calmest mind so polish your mind until there isn’t a speck of ‘grime’ left on it!

Annemaree’s top five Spring Issue contacts

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