5 Wearable Looks To Try Straight From Fashion Week!

October 15 2015

International celeb hair stylist and founder of Raw Salon, Anthony Nader, shares his favourite looks from the latest international runways!

The last couple of weeks my eyes have been glued to my trusted laptop screen, watching the live streams come in from the Fashion Weeks around the globe. The Spring Summer shows are always refreshing to see compared to the other seasons as the hair is always gleaming and exudes a healthiness, which I know women love to embrace. The hair for this season is uber cool, relaxed and replicates soft baby hair and with that comes an innocence I guess…does that sound crazy? I think not! Here are my top five go-to shows that replicate my Spring Summer inspiration and are so easy to style yourself!


GUCCI - The key here (and I know this sounds crazy) is to wash your hair so it’s super clean and there’s not a trace a product residue to be felt afterwards. Having a clean pallet to work off will make your hairstyle last longer, too. Use a lightweight conditioning foam as well, as you only want a little natural hold. There’s no tricks with blow-drying to achieve this look except to work with your natural texture and if you’re wanting to have a smoother surface, glide over your hair strands with a boar bristle brush to keep your hair on the tamer side.

Tommy Hilfiger

TOMMY HILFIGER - Youthfulness and freshness came to mind when I saw this incredible show by Tommy Hilfiger, once again as expected another huge artistic production – this time with a pool for models to walk through just for good measure!

This trend shows us that we shouldn’t go ironing our strands poker straight this season, and instead give your strands a slight bend with your hot tongs or flat irons – I’m only talking about say a bend of approximately 45 degrees. Pop in some sea salt spray and blast into your strands, then use your hot appliance for detailing. Give your hair a sexy shake and don’t go over styling here as that saying of less is more is your best friend for now! Hello Gigi!


RODATE - Who doesn’t love a little old Hollywood? Now I know what you’re saying readers… “but the models hair isn’t done!” but it is… it is and welcome to Spring Summer 2015! Now just humor me just a bit longer and notice the beautiful clean texture of the hair and how it’s not a over styled or sculpted hairstyle. Hair accessories are huge for this season and the Rodate sisters in true fashion did deliver. Their old-world fashioned hair slide clips are the feature here and show how you can add some extra pizzazz and make a statement on your evening out – or for the Spring Races!

Dolce & Gabana

DOLCE AND GABBANA - In true Italian style and with a love for female power, I just love how D&G’s Spring Summer show captivated femininity. You can easily whip up your nearing-needing-a-wash hair into swirling loose twirl bundled up on top of your head. You can use a dry shampoo here if your strands feel like they have no grip as this is vital. Splurge on some fun bright colored silk patterned headscarves and make this your new trademark for the season.

Bottega Veneta

BOTTEGA VENETA – This is not just a normal ponytail so lets just get that straight! I mean it’s the Bottega Veneta okay…Seriously so cool, effortless – the undone, effortless style gets top marks on my radar. Perfect for the mornings where you don’t have time to wash your hair and want to fool the crowd that you really thought about your ensemble from head to toe! I love how understated this low pony is but at the same it’s very fashionable, especially the “half pulled through loop” of the tail that really does scream #LookAtMe.

A.Nader 4

About Anthony Nader:

Dividing his time between New York and Sydney Anthony Nader is an international hairdresser and editorial stylist. Through combining his love of fashion, creativity and hairstyling, Anthony has carved a niche as one of Australia’s most respected and in demand hair stylists.

Boasting a long list of awards and accomplishments, including the prestigious title of AHFA Australian Masters Award 2010, Editorial Session Stylist of the Year 2008 and the AHFA Australian Hairdresser of the Year 2006, Anthony has cemented his position as an industry leader. With the luxurious RAW Flagship salon in Sydney’s Surry Hills, products including the RAW Essentials and RAW Elements collection, the Anthony Nader Megastar Ionic Hairdryer as well as being a hugely in demand celebrity and editorial hairstylist, Anthony has managed to excel in all facets of hairstyling.

With a passion and expertise that runs through every element of his brand, Anthony Nader is a dynamic figure in Australian hairstyling.