650 Million Reasons to Drink Water!

February 11 2016

As Australians, we’re a lucky country – we have beautiful landscapes, a safe country free from way and safe access to water with the turn of a faucet. For millions around the globe however, this isn’t a reality – safe water is essential for life and good health, yet 650 million people worldwide don’t have access to it!

WaterAid Australia is striving to close the gap on world water inequality, with their Water Challenge being held this March (coinciding with World Water Day on March 22nd). With the choice to ‘Drink Just Water’ for 14 or 30 days in March, or get active and ‘Walk For Water’ between 14th and 20th March, Australians have two options to get on board and help provide clean and safe water and sanitation to those in need!

At WY?, we love a cause with myriad of benefits, and by switching out our daily coffee, nightly red wine and the odd soft drink (naughty we know!) we’re also going to see the positives in the appearance of our skin, the size of our bank account and the fit of our jeans!

WY? interviewee and model Elyse Knowles is proud to support WaterAid’s Water Challenge, saying,“Water is essential for life and good health, and by choosing only water as your beverage or setting your personal walking challenge, you will also help to improve your health, cut down on unnecessary sugar found in common drinks and help provide lifesaving safe water to others in need.”

It is free to register for the Water Challenge (sign up at www.waterchallenge.org.au) and choose your challenge; Drink Just Water or Walk For Water.

To help you on your way to drinking just water, WaterAid have shared this tasty infused water recipe that not only will keep you hydrated, but boost your beauty too! We love a two-in-one!

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