August 16 2012

Confession: We are slight online nerds. If we are not on our computers working away, then we are face-stalking, looking up random sites and generally procrastinating online. Taking all of this into account, we decided it was time to share some of our online gold. Say goodbye to the next 10 minutes…

1. Nerd Boyfriend (nerdboyfriend.com).
Before slacker jeans and muscle tees, men dressed in skivvies, skinny ties and V-neck sweaters. Ah, how times have changed. Nerd Boyfriend is a celebration of classic dressing, inspired by dapper gentlemen such as musos David Byrne and Bryan Ferry, and actor Michael Caine. It also provides shopping tips, so you too can nerdify your boyfriend.

2. Turned Out (turnedout.tv).
Maya Villiger treats her blog like a scrapbook, filling it with the most gorgeous collages. Her style is on-trend but timeless, with blog dedications made out to Annie Hall, cute chicks on fixies, charm bracelets, boat shoes and perfect grey sweatshirts. We also heart her posts about her family and dear ones. Have a peek and be inspired…

3. 8 Tracks (8tracks.com).
In a nod to yesteryear, we’ve become increasingly preoccupied with making the perfect mix tape. But as Nick Hornby has reiterated, it’s complicated; in fact, it’s an art. Making it easier is 8 Track, a web-based community radio station that lets you stream your own virtual mixes. It’s also available as an app, and allows you to peruse playlists by musical authorities such as Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and SPIN Magazine.

4. Daytrotter Sessions (www.daytrotter.com).
A haven for music lovers, Daytrotter is the website of recording studio Horseshack, which has close ties to the Illinois indie scene. With travelling acts popping in and out to record a Session, recent visitors include Foals, The National, Beach House and Bon Iver among other super cool bands. We especially heart the site’s cover art illustrations.

5. ABRA-CAT-DOG-RA (abra-cat-dog-ra.tumblr.com).
Watching ridiculous animal videos kills our bandwidth each month. From LOL Cats and Surprise Kitty to YouTube clips of chimps in love, we’ll never get sick of them. This blog is one cute overload. Warning: It may have you running for the pet shop and when it comes to clever blog names, Abra-Cat-Dog-Ra wins, paws down.

6. THXTHXTHX (thxthxthx.com).
There’s nothing nicer than a handwritten letter, but in this world of emails and wall posts, they’re becoming increasingly rare. Leah Dieterich is out to change all that. Taught by her mother to write thank you notes, she now writes them to everyone and everything, and we mean everything – from ‘Dear Weird Cracking Sounds the House Sometimes Makes’ to ‘Dear Short Fingernails’.  Adorable!

7. Teenage Bedrooms (teenagebedroom.tumblr.com).
Walls plastered with posters of Kurt Cobain. Floors littered with old issues of Sassy. Dressers covered in Clearasil. The smell of Impulse and Tommy Girl drifts through the air. Our teenage bedrooms are time capsules of our most traumatic/fun/exciting/experimental years and this crowd-sourced blog pays homage to them. Check out and let those feelings of nostalgia flood your mind…