A Day In The Life of Zoë Foster Blake

May 28 2015

Zoë Foster Blake Yoplait Bon Appetit Ambassador 4

How does one sum up the whole lot of woman that is Zoë Foster Blake?
Busy mum to baby Sonny, wife and witty counterpart to Australia’s favourite funny man Hamish Blake, author of six books, beauty editor expert turned entrepreneur, columnist, and Yoplait’s new Bon Appetit ambassador – phew, this lady can juggle! We caught up with Zoë to see what goes on in a day in the life of..

On her mornings and beauty routine…
I wake up to the sound of my son’s babbling… and get ready to face the day with my Go-To Face Hero, followed by Aspect Pigment, a physical sunscreen and then some Napolean Perdis BBB cream as makeup.

On her daily diet and treats…
I love a big bowl of porridge, no matter the time of the year. Eggs or avocado on toast and a coffee act as my second breakfast mid-morning, (often at Archie’s All Day in Fitzroy) then maybe a soup or wrap for lunch. Afternoon snack is some nuts and Greek yoghurt, (I eat Yoplait Bon Appetit because it’s high in protein, tasty and superthick) and then usually fish or chicken and salad or veges for dinner. And red wine. Then chocolate.

Zoë Foster Blake Yoplait Bon Appetit Ambassador 6

On juggling her many work hats with her home life…
I juggle my workload the same as any mum: with best intentions and much difficulty. I have help for my baby two days a week, so I work and turbo errand around the city, and my husband is around a lot at the moment so he’s been an excellent team mate. I’m so lucky I can work from home and sort of to my own schedule. 

On what’s she’s working on during her days…
I am busy making a new Go-To skin care product at present, and it’s a bit of a tricky cat, so that’s been a bit of a time thief!

On how she stays motivated while working from home..
I stay motivated with coffee, inspiring reading on Tumblr or online, walk breaks outside and by catching up with clever, brilliant friends who are doing great stuff.

On how she ends her days…
A glass of wine and a big chat with my husband before watching something fun (Veep/Amy Schumer/The Bachelor). That quiet time after my baby goes down at 7pm is very sacred.