News September 02 2011

Ever wondered what a graphic designer’s morning consists of? Johnny Selman, a San Francisco based Designer, is not your quintessential designer and for 365 days – that’s an entire year – spent his morning’s checking the BBC headlines and creating posters to match. The result, the BBCx365 project – an ode to a year of world events as characterized by one poster for every day.

The purpose of this project was to promote the awareness of global events and to bridge the knowledge gap in a fun, modern and artistic manner. According to The Washington Post in 2006 ‘the average citizen knows little about current events in general and even less about overseas events’. By reducing the story to its simplest form in a visual and stylized format it created a direct form of communication and artistic awareness.

Working within a tight set of design and theme guidelines, Johnny Selman used his expertise in poster design to ensure the project linked and flowed as one set design piece while still playing with motifs, colour and type.

Restricting himself to ten colours; no photography or gradient, the Gotham font family only, and basic core minimalist design principals, Selman’s project conveyed stories from the mainstream media with a subtle reflection of his personal opinions and ideals.

Slow news days were inevitable but Selman tried to instill a sense of urgency and importance into every story he represented presuming that someone would be inspired by even the more bland news stories. By keeping the one-day time limit per poster, and approaching every story as new and original, he created a poster to visually appeal to the audience and at the same time to resurrect the bigger issues.

The skill-set Selman gained during the course of the project can be directly applied to many aspects of visual communication. He received an enormous amount of feedback from industry figureheads and general public alike, and the BBCx365 website maintains strong content traffic.
To celebrate the 100th poster, Johnny hung the first 100 posters in storefront windows down Valencia Street in San Francisco, creating a highly visible outdoor gallery of world news. The response was positive and September 7, 2011 marked the 365th poster – the final poster of the project.
Visit all 365 posters at http://bbcx365.com/