News February 22 2013

James Nicholson, multi salon business operator and Kevin Murphy’s style master is a man of many talents with a refreshing passion for his craft and his clients. James shares his invaluable advice on how to achieve a well framed face, as well as trends for autumn/winter, low maintenance hair styles and more….

1. Everyone needs to consider their ‘fringe area’ when looking to create the perfect frame for their face. This refers to all the hair that naturally falls forward over their face which needs to be hand sculpted taking into account one’s cheek bones, jaw line and hairline.

2. Late 60′s early 70′s are the ultimate moments in time to reference this autumn and winter. Fluffy set hair with loads of natural looking body.

3. This year is about width not length, compromise your length in order to get a clean blunt line and use whatever it takes to achieve luxurious width to your style.

4. For the ultimate ‘lived in’ low maintenance style ask to have your hair cut dry. It’s harder work for your hairdresser but takes into account all of your hair’s assets and problem areas.

5. Don’t discount an actual fringe, wear it deep and wide allowing soft edges that join into the rest of the style. Bridget Bardot, Maryanne Faithfull, Catherine Denurve and Kate Moss can’t be wrong!

6. For an edgy twist and to bring in a bit of the 90s, leave a little conditioner in your hair, add a beach spray and let your hair dry naturally. When dry, back comb all the under layers and rock your grunge do! Great to make a high end outfit look more effortless.

Things that will help? Here is your fundamental check list…

* Long invisible layers

* Kevin Murphy’s full again cream

* A few discrete individual hair extensions scattered through your style

* A good quality boar bristle round smoothing brush