ART INVESTING – basic how to…

Art & Culture July 19 2012

Wanting to fill your home with art but don’t have a million dollars spare? Art isn’t just for the old moneyed set. We’ve got a few $1,000 to $10,000 options you can look into…

- To quote New York Magazine, the art fair is the art world equivalent of the designer sample sale. Featuring thousands of original works at reasonable prices, they’re perfect hunting grounds for first-time buyers and start-up collectors.

- Open studio tours are an experience, even if you don’t make a purchase! Giving you an opportunity to snoop around the artist’s workspace, studio tours also give you a leg up on the commercial competition.

- Frequent student shows to spot new talent. Charles Saatchi does it and you can too. The end-of-semester shows at local art schools are the hottest places to get acquainted with the future faces of the industry.

- Go for pieces that speak to you – no use buying what somebody else tells you to if you don’t love it. Choose the piece based on the emotion it conjures and think about which room you want to place it in. And remember, if funds are low, there’s nothing wrong with putting forth an offer below the asking price.