Beauty December 07 2012

Women (and let’s face it, some men) spend hundreds of dollars at the salon each year, however that could all change with these beauty apps. Whether it’s colour matching, tutorials or advice on a new ‘look’, there is a app to suit all of your beauty needs. Here are a few that we have tried, tested and recommend…

This app generates a list of make-up options based on the colour of your eyes, hair and skin. All product suggestions are then divided into different price points – luxury, mid-range or budget.

This app keeps track of suspicious spots and freckles so you can alert your dermatologist when you notice any changes. Take care of your skin this summer!

Have you ever had a haircut you couldn’t stand? You should have used iStylist, the app which allows you to upload a photo and test different cuts and colours before the hairdresser starts hacking. You can also post the photo on Facebook to get feedback from your friends.