Beauty February 20 2013

Makeup Artist , Claire and Dermal Therapist James, share their views…
Claire Vyverberg Who’s Your beauty editor, make-up artist extraordinaire and all round product junkie teams up with James Vivian aka the Travelling Peelsman and dermal therapist to the ‘Who’s Who’ to give you their expert advice on excess oil and blotting.

Claire says…
The heat is on and by the end of a long hot busy day- an oil free blotting product that deletes the signs of sweat and shine will save you time and energy. Here are my top 3 oil-blotting, shine fighters – refresh your makeup for your mid week dinner date without the need for a complete makeup re-do.

M.A.C Pressed Blot Powder










A unique pressed powder designed to provide shine control and absorb excess oil, without adding any noticeable colour or texture. Use it first thing in the morning to set your foundation, and if needed, use it for frequent touch ups throughout the day.

TATCHA- Aburatourigami Blotting Papers









A 300 year old Japanese beauty secret, these magical blotting papers are a beauty essential for removing excess oil without disturbing makeup or stealing moisture from the skin. Perfect for getting skin camera ready, great for brides to touch-up throughout the day, and a must pack travel essential for long-haul flights.

Laura Mercier- Secret Finish










A fresh, shine-controlling liquid-gel designed with the needs of oily skin in mind. Primarily for touch-ups throughout the day over makeup, this innovative formula ‘soaks up’ facial oil, mattifying the skin on contact and eliminating shine for hours.

James says…
The concern here is often an accumulation of oil and perspiration due to overactive sebaceous glands and the application of inappropriately weighted skin care products.

Forgo the afternoon shine and treat the cause of the problem. What ‘SHE’ said is great advice and I love these products too but if its more than a light mid-afternoon shine you may have a deeper issue….

Cosmedix Purity Balance
This toner contains the BHA Salicylic Acid to absorb excess oil from the skin and refines pore size. Use twice daily following your preferred cleaner by wiping the toner across the skin, focusing on any areas which produce more oil.

Aspect Dr Multi B Plus Serum
This Vitamin B-complex contains B3 AKA Niacinamide, which is clinically proven to help reduce oil production. This lightweight serum can used as a twice-daily hydrator or can be combined with your preferred hydrator(s) if more protection is required.

Osmosis MD Calm
Suitable for even the most sensitive of skins, this Vitamin A serum suppresses the production of oil in the skin. Use twice daily alongside your other serums.