September 06 2013

WY? Beauty Editor, Claire Vyverberg and James Vivian, The Travelling Peelsman, give you their expert advice. Better take notes

She Says:
Just as you wouldn’t shampoo without a little conditioner, your skin needs a thorough once over before you try to recreate the latest runway trends. Makeup will only take you so far. A flawless application that sits beautifully on the skin and more importantly goes the distance for a whole night out, begins and ends with effective skin preparation.

From a makeup artist’s perspective, the canvas under the cosmetics must be primed and prepped correctly, because without putting in the groundwork prior to application, you will never achieve a first class finish.

But this is where my side of the debate ends. Because when it comes to advice on effective exfoliation, I will leave it to him, the skin guru himself, James The Travelling Peelsman, to guide you on what options and products work best…

He Says:
When preparing the skin for any event – big or small – an exfoliation will help reveal what is occurring naturally underneath the skin’s surface – bright, hydrated and healthy skin cells.

Rather than taking a stab in the dark when selecting a method of exfoliation, choose one that is right for your skin type and skin related concerns…

Dry, flaking and sensitive
A skin which is dry, sensitive and exhibits visible flaking is best exfoliated using enzymatic processes. Enzymes exfoliate the skin by gently digesting dead skin cells which then rinse away when removed with water. Commonly extracted enzymes for exfoliation include berries, papaya and pumpkin.

Our pick
Aspect Dr Fruit Enzyme Mask

Oily, congested, problematic and enlarged pores
A skin which is oily, congested, problematic and exhibits enlarged pores is best exfoliated using an ingredient known as salicylic acid. Salicylic acid, a BHA, is oil soluble and therefore travels deeper into the skin to absorb excessive oil production and trapped oils. It is also of benefit to congested and problematic skins due to its high anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial abilities.

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Societe Clarifying Prep Solution

Normal, combination and dull
A skin which is normal, combination and dull in appearance will benefit from the brightening, hydrating and exfoliating benefits of the AHA, lactic acid. A muti-faceted ingredient when it comes to skin rejuvenation, lactic acid exfoliates by gently separating skin cells from their adjacent cell-brethren. Lactic acid also helps stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid and other hydrating components of natural skin hydration to further enhance skin appearance.

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Cosmedix Defy