June 25 2013

WY? Beauty Editor, Claire Vyverberg and James Vivian, The Travelling Peelsman, give you their expert advice…

She says…

Winter has arrived. Showers have become hotter, skin becomes drier and you need to boost your skin with an extra surge of moisture in every department, from base to lipstick.

No foundation, no matter how great the formula, can complement a dry dehydrated complexion – in fact, it will just highlight these concerns. My advice is to stick with a dewy radiant base such as a tinted moisturiser or BB cream for  during the day.

Try: No Foundation Foundation, N.V Perricone
This multi-purpose product provides natural translucent coverage, corrects skin undertones, instantly smoothes fine lines and boosts natural moisture levels throughout the day. 

Dark lipstick, although on trend, is not mandatory the second the temperature dips. Instead, opt for sheer warm pink or peach toned glosses to reflect the light and add another dimension of luminosity to your overall appearance.

Try: By Terry Or De Rose Intensive Renewing Lip Baume
Boost cell renewal, soften fine lines, plump and hydrate with the multi-care balm enriched with rose extracts and soft pink highlights to suit every skin tone.

Watery eyes can be a problem in wintery conditions, so bypass liquid and creamy eye products and stick to waterproof mascara and gel eyeliner that go the distance without the smudge factor.

Try: DiorShow Iconic Waterproof Mascara
An amazing waterproof formula that doesn’t dry your lashes. Deep intense colour and curl factor. 

He says…

This winter, don’t turn a cold shoulder to your skin. Make a commitment to remain as hydrated as possible and pair your increased water intake with the following tips…

Indoor heating paired with an already dry environment can lead to moisture loss from the skin. Couple that with a skin that is not receiving the exfoliation it needs and your twice-daily application of moisturiser will no longer seem to cut it.

Try: Aspect Hydrating Mask
Give your skin a helping hand during the winter months with this light-as-air yet rich hydrating treatment mask. Indulge in a thick layer as a quick plumping and rehydrating treatment prior to a special occasion, or wear a thin layer to bed and wake up with smooth, balanced skin once again. 

Porous and absorbent fabrics commonly worn during winter months can dehydrate the skin’s surface leaving your skin looking rough, flaking and cracked. Buff away those dehydrated layers with a textured yet gentle scrub which also contains ingredients to rehydrate the skin.

Try: Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub
Extend the courtesy of an exfoliation to the entire body with this stimulating blend of Pumice and Bamboo Stem. Aesop’s trademark blends of botanical oils leave the skin calmed, hydrated and polished.

Extended and overly hot showers/baths can be the fastest way to dehydrate and sensitise already compromised winter-skins. Turn down the heat and replenish your skin with a post-shower/bath body moisturiser.

Try: PCA Skin Body Therapy
PCA’s blend of hydrating and soothing ingredients creates a silky-smooth barrier to hydrate and prevent moisture loss. In addition, ingredients work at a cellular level to increase the amount of water and oil production in the skin, providing a more hydrated and nourished skin, naturally.