Home March 08 2013

It’s time to add punch to home and office interiors. Not by purchasing a new piece of furniture or a vibrant quilted rug, but instead, by burning a fashion flame. Who’s Your? have rounded up our top five fragrant candles that are oh so stylish and free from paraffin wax, cored wicks and other hidden nasties..


Missoni Home by Apothia – At the top of the list, WY?’s fave flame – the Monterosa candle. With its beautiful scent and exquisite packaging we couldn’t resist buying one (or five) for WY? HQ.

VOLUSPA Laguna Boxed Candle – Think velvety sands, dazzling azure seas and the gentle Santa Ana Winds. Absolute paradise without leaving your home…

Archipelago Botanicals Guava Soy Candle – Delight your senses with this luscious scent, capturing the aroma of mouth-watering Guava…

Cire Trudon Carmelite - Experience complete bliss with scents of fresh and mossy stone. Carmelite refers to the peace of souls and eternity and will have you relaxed in seconds! Love that!

MOZI Classic candle - Rose and Belgamet – This long burning, delicate fragrance is made from natural, sustainably sourced palm blend wax and is packaged in the most delightful way!

Candles are the perfect way to fill a room with a fresh fragrance to soothe a mood, but many scented candles can produce smoke, laced with similar toxins that are produced by cigarettes and can raise the risk of asthma, eczema and skin concerns.

Candles made from beeswax and soy rarely cause problems however cheap imports made from paraffin wax (a by product of the petroleum) industry have been shown to release a range of volatile organic compounds that can be problematic to our health.

Many mass produced candles contain synthetic fragrances and dyes, which can give off harmful particles when heated with wicks also containing harmful nasties. Non-core wicks made from braided or twisted fibres (most commonly cotton) are considered the safest to burn.

Who’s Your?’s top tips:

- Always check the ingredients of candles, opting for beeswax and soy where possible

- Light candles in well ventilated rooms

- Choose non-cored wicks instead of core wicks, which can contain zinc, tin and lead and can pose health risks when lit

- Asthmatics should only burn scented candles sporadically, in order to reduce symptoms worsening