Fashion January 17 2013

Zoe Weir from swimwear label, Zoe Elizabeth, has given us her top tips to ensure bathers remain beautiful all summer long. Take care of this season’s wardrobe cornerstone and follow Zoe’s advice below…

1. Always rinse a bathing suit well in fresh water immediately after use. Chlorine, salt and sunscreens can damage fabrics.

2. Hand wash swimwear with gentle soap. Do not soak, rub or wring out your swimsuit. Drip dry away from direct sunlight and never ever tumble dry.

3. Do not leave your wet swimsuit rolled up in a towel and do not store when wet.

4. Avoid excess contact with suntan lotions and harsh chemicals sometimes found in saunas, spas and pool. The chlorine or other pool chemicals may breakdown the swimsuit fibres.

5. If sand becomes trapped in your swimsuit be sure you get it out as soon as possible. To remove sand, carefully stretch dry fabric over your thumbnail and sand will pop out.