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The little black book is going on a European summer sabbatical for some rays, rest and revitalisation! Please contact info@whosyour.com for any enquires.

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The Beauty of ‘Training Like a Man’

How do you work out? Do you prefer cardio, or low impact core strength workouts like Pilates? Sports Scientist and Strength & Conditioning Guru, Brando Hasick is busting the myth that women shouldn’t lift weights or train in a similar style to men. Often the fear of becoming ‘bulky’ prevents women from engaging in strength and weight sessions similar to men. In fact, only about a fifth of females strength train two or more times a week. It’s one of the most common misconceptions in fitness - women fear building man-sized muscles and losing their femininity, as soon as they lift a weight. This can lead to women often completi


The Latest Caffeine Craze – Nitro Coffee

Coffee isn’t an addiction; it’s a way of life. And at WY? we’ve discovered the next big thing for coffee lovers – and it has amazing health benefits too! Nitro Coffee… That’s right! Much like nitro-lab, and other nitrogen infused delicacies, Nitro Coffee is cold brewed, poured into a keg, and then instilled with icy cold nitrogen gas. Say goodbye to iced lattes, and hello to this frothy and creamy new cup of Joe. How does it work? Just like a cold beer, Nitro Coffee is served straight from the tap but still has that great coffee taste we Australians love.  What’s more, there is no milk, sugar or alcohol, and it cont


Put your best face forward with WY? skin gurus..

A change in season can trigger the most frustrating of skin woes, adding breakouts, dry patches and roughness to your usually perfect (most of the time!) canvas. With the weather getting cooler and winter fast approaching, it’s a good idea to take check of your skin status and prepare it for seasonal changes. Who’s Your? has the best skin therapists to set your skin up for winter, recommended by those in the know. Jesinta Campbell, TV presenter and model, recommends… Alexia Petsinis, creative illustrator, writer and designer, recommends… Hayley Callander, Stylist for Coco Productions, recommends… Sian MacPherson, edito


5 We Love: Screenshot-worthy Home Styling Instagrams

At WY? HQ, home styling Intsagram posts are the new #foodporn – we can’t get enough and find ourselves lusting over the latest grey-toned furnishings just as much as a salted-caramel donut. We’ve put together five accounts we love for home-style inspo – just don’t blame us when you find your wish-list overflowing and a total renovation plan takes over your thoughts! Oh Eight Oh Nine! Fall in love with soft-grey design palettes, with pops of colour courtesy of florals! Perfect for any mums out there also – Oh Eight Oh Nine styles gorgeous baby products into her feed! Norsu Interiors Also a homewares store in Me


Step Up Your Style: WY? Top Stylists

Having a stylist may seem like it’s an ‘A-lister only’ extravagance, but with the rise of outsourcing – from your grocery shop to your paperwork – why not extend a helpful hand to your wardrobe? A change in season is the perfect time to bring in a fashion expert to assess your current closet; what’s working, what definitely isn’t, and what’s missing… From creating an ultra chic and every-occasion capsule wardrobe of basics, to finding a killer cocktail outfit, a professional stylist will present you with a bevvy of options to suit your figure, your colourings, and your budget. Step out in style with WY? top recommends


Flower Power Friday – Who’s who for the best blooms!

Show us someone who says they don’t like flowers and we’ll (nicely) call them a liar! How could you not get at least a little swept up in the beauty of a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and foliage? From your weekly display to brighten your home, or a bunch sent to a best friend, flowers are the carriers of many messages… Thank you, I love you, I’m sorry… they do it all! With so many florists out there, and unique offerings hitting the market regularly – we’re in love with the daily bouquet offering from Daily Blooms and the ultra-luxe and Instagram worthy Cartel Blooms flower boxes -  WY? have collated the highest recommended f


Wake up wonderful; 5 Tips You Need to Know for Sound Sleep

Warm milk, lavender… we are all aware of the old methods for a good night’s sleep, but our modern ways and daily habits may be sabotaging our sleep more than we’re aware of. With working hours creating internal stress, busy social lives and family time being paramount, an adequate night of rest is essential to leave you feeling on top of your tasks and high on health. It’s not only about feeling sleepy – sustained lack of sleep has serious health consequences including increasing your odds of developing diabetes, depression, cardiovascular disease and weight gain. WY? has counted the sheep and discovered 5 essential tips for a s


Push it real good! Pick Your PT to Push Your Fitness Goals!

Summer may be coming to an end (we don’t want to believe it either!), which is a notorious time for fitness routines to start to slip. As the days get shorter and the evenings chillier, heading out on your evening run can give way to settling in with a red wine and cashmere blanket. Stay on top of the urge to slow down with some of the best PT’s in the game, as recommended by our always-in-the-know WY? crew. From hardcore cardio workouts to slow and steady core-busting sessions, we’ve got the PT to push you!   Natalie Lane, Founder of Pilot Athletic, recommends… Nicole DiPietro and Emma Risvanis, founders of Paleo Pur


A Catered Culinary Affair – give your guests an experience to remember!

As co-founder of Smudge publishing, our latest WY? member Daniele Wilton has had some truly amazing culinary experiences in her time. Any entertaining would come with a certain expectation, so when asked who she calls on to her cater her dinner parties, Daniele was quick to share her secret weapon, “Kate Stewart from Bright Young Things – she is phenomenal!” That’s the beauty of Who’s Your?, finding out who the who’s who uses, from their banker to their baker… Read on for a top list of caterers called on by our WY? crew. Shareen Joel recommends… Charlotte Coote recommends… Marie De Vera and Sarah Gonsalves, Co-Fo