5 ways to spring-clean your finances

Let’s admit it. Money talk can sometimes give us all a headache…And while we may be towards the end (or still in the middle) of a worldwide economic depression, that doesn’t mean your own finances need to suffer. So just as you may clean out your wardrobe, or tidy up your pantry this Spring, don’t forget about your finances! We speak with the experienced team at Wellingtons Accountants for their top 5 tips on how to ‘clean’ up your finances this Spring/Summer… App your expenses Get your receipts and household paperwork organised with Shoeboxed. All you need to do is simply snap a picture of your receipts and Shoeboxed wi

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5 cool desk accessories

Dial up your office style with these 5 cool desk accessories... 1. Shred in style… 2. On the cutting floor 3. Light on the subject…. 4. Bin it 5. Perfect penmanship   



Like most of you, the WY? team spend a fair amount of time in the office so it’s important that our workspace inspires us. Here are a few of our favourite tips and tricks from our office to yours that will ensure creativity and productivity are at optimum levels all the time. 1. Clear the clutter DAILY. Clean desk, clear mind! Don’t wait for Springtime to do all of your desktop cleaning. To keep your desk tidy year-round, spend a few minutes at the end of each day tossing or filing old papers and putting loose objects where they belong. WY? storage find: A gorgeous lucite tray from Tilly Maison to store all of your loose pap



GIVE IN STYLE Stylish trinkets…cute limited edition bracelets will be sold via the Facebook page to support the Give In Style event and all proceeds will go to the Mirabel Foundation… TOMS  The masters of giving, TOMS, have teamed up with uber cool Jonathan Adler and for every pair of TOMS sunglasses sold one child from 13 developing countries will be given the gift of sight. MOXIE For every pack of Moxie liners or pads sold, Moxie are providing Ugandan women with locally made reusable pads. OXFAM Nothing says I love you like a piglet! Oxfam Unwrappedoffers a range of more than 40 totally unexpected gift i



The WY? team is being extra savvy this year and putting our tax return money to good use. Here are our EOFY smart resolutions that we’re happy for you to steal… Skye – “It’s time for me to be even savvier when purchasing health products this fin year… between coconut oil, vitamins and white mulberries I spend a lot on my health! I’ve discovered great savings via online stores such as, and which offer free shipping and competitive prices” Claire  - “I am planning to put my tax refund towards an income protection policy for the new financial year. Being a self-employed single female in he



Medical If you are out of pocket more than $2,120 for net medical expenses for you and your dependents in the 2012/2013 financial year and you have an adjusted taxable income below the Medicare levy surcharge thresholds ($84,000 for singles and $168,000 for families), you may be entitled to claim a tax offset of 20% of the excess over $2,120.  To determine the out of pocket amount you must deduct from the total of the eligible expenses any amounts reimbursed to you. Property If you’re renting out an investment property, you can claim a host of associated expenses, such as advertising for tenants, upkeep of grounds, body corpor



Dream home, fast car & bling – not your biggest assets! 1) The greatest wealth is health We must commit to spending more on our health than we do on our wardrobes. Spare no expense when it comes to maintaining your health, your body and your mind. 2) West is not always best Be responsible for your own health. Seek alternatives if you are not getting answers or solutions. In the west we love a script and a quick fix yet this most definitely is not the best way forward to perfect health. Western medicine often fails us as its modality is ‘sickness’ based and small signs of imbalance are not recognised. Before they get wo



Avoiding Financial Feuds. When is it appropriate to ask people to repay a loan, pitch in at the pump or fork out hundreds for your wedding day? Money is a delicate matter, and it has the potential to push friendships to the brink. Knowing your limits and setting clear guidelines for others should help you steer clear of awkward financial situations, and keep those relationships in-tact. Q. Is it acceptable to ask my bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses at my wedding? A. While your friends are happy to be part of the special day, they shouldn’t be stuck with the bill. When considering costs of the bridesmaid dresses, shoes, hair a



To be little miss organised is a common Who’s Your? team member trait…We set aside time twice a month to keep our office in check before things get out of control. When everything has a place it can make you feel calmer, so we asked Professional Organizer and founder of Clear Space, Rebecca Mezzino for her top five tips to keep your office organised. 1. Keep your actionable paperwork vertical and sorted into relevant categories. A stand of manila folders takes up less space than several of piles of paper, and a magazine file of journals takes up less space than a pile of them on the desk. 2. Keep your reference paperwork off your



ON AUG 30 IN BUSINESS & FINANCE, HOW TO BY ADMIN  5 fast fixes from our WY? accountant… Tax time can be a stressful time for all so here are five tips from our expert accountants at Wellingtons on things you can do to make end of year tax time easier… 1. Don’t wait until the end of the financial year to see your accountant, make sure you “tax plan” during the year. At Wellingtons, when we get to yearend we make sure the planning is done and our business clients know their tax liability or refund well in advance – It makes the tax process much easier! 2. If your