fermented food

FYI: Fermented food for great gut health!

To our grandparents, fermenting foods would be a familiar topic, however nowadays it seems like a foreign concept.  However, with an increasing occurrence of allergies and food intolerances, it’s no wonder experts and nutritionists are revisiting our roots of including fermented food in our diets. We’re sharing a break down of the benefits and how-to’s of fermented foods and learn why everyone’s jumping on the fermentation bandwagon. Firstly, what is fermentation? Put simply, fermentation is the process of a natural bacteria eating away and dissolving all of the carbohydrates and sugar of everyday foods. This bacteria adds


Winter Wellness – Fight the frost!

The first of June has ticked over, bringing with it the official marker of winter… even if the morning frost had settled in weeks earlier. Winter fashion may be favoured by fashionistas, but the common cold, fatigue, aching muscles from flu-like symptoms and other winter wellness woes are all too familiar come mid-season. While basic principles of staying healthy – drinking water, eating healthy, nourishing wholefoods, exercising – still apply, it can become all the more difficult when heavy comfort foods and skipping your morning run in favour of staying warm in bed become more tempting. WY? have put together the best winter h

Zoe Foster

A Day In The Life of Zoë Foster Blake

How does one sum up the whole lot of woman that is Zoë Foster Blake? Busy mum to baby Sonny, wife and witty counterpart to Australia’s favourite funny man Hamish Blake, author of six books, beauty editor expert turned entrepreneur, columnist, and Yoplait’s new Bon Appetit ambassador – phew, this lady can juggle! We caught up with Zoë to see what goes on in a day in the life of.. On her mornings and beauty routine… I wake up to the sound of my son’s babbling… and get ready to face the day with my Go-To Face Hero, followed by Aspect Pigment, a physical sunscreen and then some Napolean Perdis BBB cream as makeup. On her


Fighting Fit – Box your way to a stronger body!

Toning, calorie-busting, stress relieving… is there an exercise that can do it all? Tape your knuckles and slip on your gloves, and prepare for a butt-kicking workout! From back to basics boxing to more specialised forms such as jiu jitsu, boxing and others strains of martial arts are an incredible all-over body workout. WY?’s members can all vouch for the incredible physical and mental benefits of boxing, and recommend the following studios to pack a punch at… Doone Colles, Co-Owner at Coco Productions recommends… Andi Lew, TV Presenter, recommends… Jesinta Campbell, TV Presenter, recommends… Tiffiny Hall, Author


Take it to the Barre…

Get your body ‘en pointe’ with this ballet inspired workout!  Release your inner ballerina with one of the latest fitness trends – barre classes. Using ballet, yoga and Pilates inspired moves and principles; barre classes focus on isometric strength training with high reps of small range of motion exercises. You’ll feel the burn! With dedicated boutique barre studios continuing to pop up across Australia, we’ve rounded up some of the top places to plie squat and extend – all in the name of toned arms, a strong core and perky derriere! Laura Wiederman and Danielle Mulham, Co-founders, The Vault Online, recommend… Why y


Mindful in May – Be Part of the Ripple Effect

‘Mindfulness’ has been a major wellness buzzword in recent years, but what exactly does it mean and what kind of impact will implementing it have? From focusing on being fully present and aware in the current moment to taking time for meditation, being ‘mindful’ is a kind of mental training that that can enhance resilience, focus and overall emotional intelligence and wellbeing. Founded by Dr. Elise Bialylew, Mindful in May is an online global mindfulness campaign that teaches thousands of people worldwide to meditate, whilst raising funds for Charity Water to build clean water projects in the developing world. For $30 registr


Dear Skin; I’m not a teenager anymore! The why & how-to-banish of breakouts

There are a few things we once imagined would happen when we ‘grew up’… mainly no curfews, a fun lifestyle, great career…. And finally no breakouts! Like with many things, life (and hormones!) had other plans and similar to many other women, we found ourselves battling more breakouts than we had while studying for final exams. We’ve got the breakdown on breakouts from Tracey Beeby, (Global Trainer for Ultraceuticals and one of the best in the business when it comes to cosmeceutical skincare) to answer our concerns around pesky pimples and the most effective preventions and treatments. Just when you think you’ve escaped te

white smile

The science behind a smile: 8 dentists to make you dazzle!

Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but your smile can say a million words. A bright smile displays confidence, but you won’t feel like grinning if you’re unhappy with your own teeth. Whether you’re in need of a dentist for a healthy schedule of maintenance, or after a cosmetic overhaul of your teeth, WY? have asked our members with the most dazzling smiles to recommend the best dentists. Pearly whites without the pre-dentist nerves? Yes please! Kate Nelson, Founder of Metoo, recommends… Alice O’Connell, Lawyer, recommends… Skye Tipler, Director of Mkt., recommends… Maddie Elliott, Creative Director of Who’s Yo

kindness pact

Kill your inner critic with kindness

8 promises to make you feel good about who you are and the life you live! We all know that sinking feeling, when your inner critic, or ‘mean girl’ pipes up with unsolicited commentary designed to deflate and create negativity. Even the most confident of us can fall prey to this little voice, and the slightest bit of oxygen given to these thoughts can manifest them into self-doubt and anxiety. Life coach and best selling author, Domonique Bertolucci’s latest book The Kindness Pact: 8 Promises to make you feel good about who are and the life you live helps to build your self confidence and give you the tools to silence your self-cri

life coaching

Coach on Call.. Who’s Your? Life Coach!

Personal Trainer? Of course! Nutritionist or dietician? Sure thing. How about a life coach? When you have an expert on call for most aspects of your health and fitness, it only makes sense to apply the same principles of guidance from a professional when it comes to wider aspects of your life. Stuck in a rut and unsure of what your next move should be? Whether personal or professional, life and career coaching can be beneficial to gain objective perspective on where you are at with your goals – or even help to identify and set some! Our Who’s Your? crew knows it’s who you have working alongside you to make you the best possible ve