Mindful Matters: Advice For a Healthy Approach to Alcohol in 2015!

Well into the second month of 2015, we’re reflecting on how some of our key goals for the year are travelling. As with most things at Who’s Your?, our goals are all within an overarching theme of mindfulness, wellness and health. The work of Drink Less Mind founder Georgia Foster has resonated with many a modern woman who finds herself drinking more than health guidelines would recommend – and not always intentionally! A few wines spaced over an evening during cooking and sitting down to a meal, after-work drinks with colleagues or a social event that causes nerves, can all lead to a total tally that can be confronting when conside


Resolution success? Get the best in the biz to make it happen!

Most will agree there’s a certain element of magic in seeing in a new year – out with the old, in with the new. While New Year’s resolutions are quite a cliché part of the occasion, research shows that we’re still making them – almost 50% of us! Not surprisingly, only 8% of people are successful for more than a couple of weeks.  If you’re serious about your goals this year, and want to be someone who can flick through yet another article of ‘How To Keep Your Resolutions’ come December 2015, then it pays to have the best in the business on your side. We’ve raided the Who’s Your? address book to pull out the top cont


Relax and Refresh.. It doesn’t have to be the ‘Silly Season’!

The weeks leading up to Christmas can be hectic, with work needing to be tied up before the break, festive event after event, and not to mention the personal commitment to making sure your friends and family are feeling the Christmas spirit! It’s important to take time out for yourself, and unwind in the way that suits you. You’ll feel refreshed, refocused and ready to tackle the next few weeks before having a hopefully relaxing and joyous time with family over the Christmas break. We’ve sourced our Who’s Your? member’s top ways to relax and unwind, from massage to acupuncture. Dannii Minogue, TV Personality and Signer, rec


Let’s Get Juicy!

Juice cleanses have definitely held their place for a few years now in the health and wellness arena, but their popularity continues to expand. Once only available to those living in inner city Melbourne and Sydney, juice cleanse programs are available across the country. We have rounded up the best juice cleanse companies around Australia for you to get your nutritional juice fix! Melbourne:   Pressed Juice  One of Melbourne’s most well known juice brands, Pressed Juice offers cold pressed juice cleanse deliveries, as well as individual juices at their nine retail stores across Melbourne. Pressed Juice also has several

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Get Cracking! Six chiropractors to straighten you out.

No one needs to be told how important their spine is to the overall health of the body, but you may not realise just how detrimental an unaligned spine can be to your health. Chiropractic treatment views the body as whole; an interrelated system that sees the connection between the health of the spine with the nervous system and kinematic chain. The nerves link the spine with all parts of the body, including the internal organs – and a problem in your lower spine can cause a flow on effect of upper back compensation, triggering neck pain and headaches. You may be suffering elbow pain, yet the original issue may be related to a subluxa

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Zoe Bingley-Pullin’s Healthy Weekend Pancakes

I’m personally a big fan of healthy pancakes and these high protein berry pancakes are a great way to kick-start the day! For starters, IsoWhey® protein powders are packed with 23 vitamins and minerals to promote good health, which will keep you feeling fuller for longer rand may help curb cravings in between meals. Blueberries are a great addition to any recipe because they are bursting with flavour, low in calories and are packed full of nutrients that promote antioxidant support in the body. These little berries are well known as a superfood and evidence to suggests that blueberries may improve memory and eye sight. Blackberries

Viatlity Issue2

What is Vitality?

Living your best life? Putting the most fabulous version of you forward everyday?  Are you healthy, sleep deeply, have a zest for living and an overall feeling of contentment? ‘Vitality’ is one of our favourite words and pretty much sums up this harmonious way of being. With synonyms like exuberance, strength, vivacity, spunk, stamina, drive, liveliness and get-up-and-go, who wouldn’t want to aim for a life of vitality? Who’s Your? is a destination for health, wellness, fitness, beauty, fashion and recommendations from influencers and those in the know. Who’s Your? is proud to be partnering with the like-minded Vitality Sho

Viatlity Issue

The who’s who for a life of vitality

Dorota Trupp, holistic nutrition specialist, recommends… The Who’s Your? team recommends… Skye Tipler, Editor and Founder of Who’s Your?, recommends... Jayde Vincent, Ten Eyewitness Reporter, recommends… Dorota Trupp, holistic nutrition specialist, recommends… The Who’s Your? team recommends… Jennifer Kassell, Fashion Director of MyCatwalk.com recommends… Erika Heynatz, Entertainer, recommends… Bianca Riggio, co-founder of Page Thirty Three, recommends… Natasha Mason, Founder of Nourish Melbourne, recommends… Catriona Rowntree, Journalist, recommends…  

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Nourishment for Vitality

By Cassie Mendoza-Jones.  What is vitality? What is nourishment? These words mean different things to each of us, but let me tell you what they mean to me. Vitality means waking up each and everyday with a bounce in your step, a sparkle in your eye, a glow in your skin, and an open heart. Nourishment means being able to infuse your life with things that lift you up; healthy, delicious food, functional and natural movement, sunshine, herbal medicine and teas, rest, sleep, self-care, laughter and love. To infuse your life with nourishment is to enjoy a life of vitality, so let’s dive into how you can incorporate all the elements of a n

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Vitality for Mind

By Jessica Sepel.  Let’s talk about stress. To some extent, it’s inevitable. Small bursts of stress are not only part of life - they’re actually healthy. They keep us motived, and they can keep us out of not-so-good situations. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is ‘go go go’. Our lives are so fast-paced and hectic that it has almost become a competition to see who’s “busiest.” Rest is considered indulgent, and many people feel guilty at the very thought of taking 10 minutes for themselves. It’s ridiculous! The fact is, stress is the root of most health conditions. Although short and long-term (even chronic)