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In need of motivation? Look no further than these six fab fitness bloggers! Summer is in nine weeks… does that flicker a slight flame of panic? It sure does in WY? HQ, so with our weekly Pilates sessions booked - on our nominated day for a focus on healthy living #wellnesswednesday -  and a goal to increase our movement and fitness, we look to our favourite health and wellness bloggers to give us that extra bit of motivation we need when the skies still seem grey when our alarms go off! Amanda Bisk A Commonwealth Games athlete, Amanda’s life changed after coming down with a debilitating bout of chronic fatigue. Wanting to take

Food is fuel

Food is fuel, are you putting premium in?

It’s easy enough to take on board generic, albeit true, health advice such as eating a variety of colourful, wholefoods from different sources, but what does this mean for your specific lifestyle, activity and body type? If the myriad of health and nutrition advice streaming in from all channels confuses you, a qualified nutritionist is the perfect specialist to consult. Food is fuel, and our health – or illness – depends on exactly what we are putting in to our bodies. A nutritionist can analyse your current diet, and assess what vitamins and minerals you may be lacking in and prescribe a manageable food plan that fits in with your


Find your daily Namaste… 7 yoga gurus to try.

Once reserved for Indian ashrams thousands of years ago, yoga has well and truly come into the modern mainstream with mats being rolled out everywhere from boardrooms to retail stores. Steeped in tradition and spirituality, yoga is a discipline for body and mind that has evolved to embrace a range of styles including vinyasa, anusara and even hip hop and hula hoop. Practising yoga can challenge both you both physically and mentally, and many count it as a saving grace in their stressful lives. Here, we list some of the best yoga teachers and studios for you to downward dog with. Olivia and Rebecca from Tanka Juice, recommend… “Power L


Work it out this winter…

Making the time to maintain a challenging and rewarding fitness regime can be difficult at the best of times, but throw in a busy work schedule, unexpected commitments, inclement weather, sick kids… it’s no wonder one week off can slide into three. If you need an extra boost of motivation this winter, or looking to fine-tune your routine and take your fitness to the next level, we’ve got five of the best PTs you need on speed-dial.   Montarna McDonald, Director of The Audience Agency recommends… “Chris from 98 Riley St Gym is the best trainer in the biz and extremely motivating! I'm not normally a gym goer however Chris


Energise and Heal with Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complete system of medicine that treats the body as an integrated whole – your mind, emotions, spirit and physical body are powered by energy. In Chinese Medicine, health depends on the balanced flow of energy, or ‘Qi’, through the body and its connection to nature. When there are Qi blockages and imbalances, the body will experience disharmony and disease. With over 3000 years of history, it’s one of the world’s oldest philosophies, and Who’s Your? asked those in the know for their top recommendations. Jessica Sepel, Nutritionist and Wellness Coach recommends… Yasmin Najjar, Manag

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Finding Alignment…

Wellbeing of the body involves a unity between structure and function. Osteopathy is a holistic approach to the way the body works, taking into account the bones, muscles, nerves, circulation and connections between structures and systems. Treatments can include soft tissue massage, gentle manipulations of joints and stretching to assist with aligning and refocusing the body, rebalancing your wellbeing and alleviating pain, postural problems and fatigue. Antony Simmons from Do Water recommends… Dr. Shuquan Liu, Chinese Medicine Doctor recommends… Marcelle Crosy, Personal Assistant recommends… Jessica Greenland, Who’s Your?


A natural approach…

At Who’s Your?, we believe health is more than the absence of illness and disease, and naturopathy is one of the most popular holistic health options when addressing wide-ranging issues across mind and body. The aim is to discover the underlying root cause of poor health, rather than suppressing symptoms. Treatments can range from herbal medicine supplements, nutrition, homeopathy and lifestyle adjustments. Who’s Your? has gathered five of the best naturopaths, recommended by those in the know. Harry and Frase from Natural Harry recommends… “Lindsay was my launch platform into the world of wellness and has been an incredible sup

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The Salt Store

Top products for adding a little salt into your life. 1. Mineral Essence Dead Sea Bath Salt - Luxury - Lavender Vanilla 2. Salt Therapy at Salts of The Earth 3. Dry Salt Inhaler 4. Himalayan Salt Brick 5. Halotherapy Ultrasonic Salt Air Diffuser 6. Flavoured Salt Rubs

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Reap the Benefits of Salt

What’s a pinch of salt worth? More than you might think. Here’s a myth buster for you … salt isn’t always the bad guy.  Your body needs it. Natural, unrefined salt has anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine and anti-septic properties - the body can’t actually function correctly without it. Salt, in its purest form, packs a punch as far as its health benefits are concerned, but we’re not talking about loading it to your cooking. Ancient natural salt caves dating all the way back to the 1800s paved the way for today’s more scientific salt therapy (also known as halo therapy), helping to relieve the symptoms of Australians s

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5 Ways to Maintain Sodium Balance During Training & Recovery

“Sodium balance” refers to the maintenance of normal blood sodium levels. Maintaining a normal blood sodium level facilitates optimal functioning throughout your body. Two key areas that sodium has a major role in is maintaining blood volume within optimal limits, and facilitating the activity of muscle and nerve cells. In its role in maintaining optimal blood volume, sodium can be thought of as a sponge acting within your blood, ‘attracting’ and ‘holding’ water you ingest. When you have large quantities of sodium your body will readily ‘soak-up’ water ingested to the point of optimal blood volume. Once normal blood volum