Putting Melbourne’s Laundry Service To The Test

WY? likes to do the legwork for you. And not only do we love discovering a service that will help us manage our time better but one that delivers! Last week, the WY? team trialed three different laundry services around Melbourne to determine if their customer service, turnaround time and quality measured up to high WY? standards... Skye @ WY? Name of business: Toorak Laundry Service Turnaround time: Pickup: Wednesday 12pm. Drop off: 10:30am Friday Satisfaction:  “Called Monday but slow to return call and couldn’t pick up until Wednesday. A little slow for our liking but good washing job!” Rating: 3.5/5  



Continue your laundry love affair with quality products that perform. From the washing machine to the wardrobe, here are WY?’s top laundry loves... BEE’s seriously good suds  Free from harmful chemicals and eco friendly, BEE products are our absolute favourite! The lavender and bergamot scent is laundry heaven. Hide away Keep dirties hidden in these super cute laundry bags from Charlotte Coote Interiors available in white or natural. Creases and crinkles be gone!  In store secrets! Many high-end fashion retail stores rely on this slimline steamer. The best part? It will cut ironing time in half! Hang in



It’s time to add punch to home and office interiors. Not by purchasing a new piece of furniture or a vibrant quilted rug, but instead, by burning a fashion flame. Who’s Your? have rounded up our top five fragrant candles that are oh so stylish and free from paraffin wax, cored wicks and other hidden nasties..   Missoni Home by Apothia – At the top of the list, WY?’s fave flame – the Monterosa candle. With its beautiful scent and exquisite packaging we couldn’t resist buying one (or five) for WY? HQ. VOLUSPA Laguna Boxed Candle – Think velvety sands, dazzling azure seas and the gentle Santa Ana Winds. Absolute



The Paris Maison & Objet and Paris Deco Off (the equivalent of Fashion Week for Interior designers) took place in a series of satellite events across Rive Gauche and Rive Droite last month and Australian Interior Designer, Alexandra Brownlow was there to view the hotly anticipated collections. Leaving Paris to return home, Alexandra couldn't wait to share the top five interior trends for 2013, giving everyone at WY? the go-ahead to revamp and redecorate... 1. Decoration – minimalism is out; extravagance is in. Fine detailing, stitching, decorative lighting and colourful cushions were a standout at many of the shows. Highlights inc



Chew with your mouth closed, always say please and thank you, give a courtesy wave when a driver lets you in - these are the common rules of etiquette we have drilled into our brains from a young age (and often choose to ignore!). But what about those situations your mum never lectured you about that seem to arise so frequently in modern life? Here’s our updated look into the more difficult decisions associated with modern day etiquette. Online Lifelines Sure, the internet has given us instant access to our friends (and online shopping!), but there can be too much of a good thing. Here are our tips for politely handling some of those aw



Hosting an Australia Day affair this year? Who’s Your? has a few tricks up our sleeves to add a touch of patriotism and class to your day. Here are five of our must-haves for a tasteful lunch with friends and family... Punch dispenser  Keep the punch cool and serve it to your guests using an elegant apothecary beverage dispenser by The Little Big Company. Bring back the shandy  If beer is not your thing, then why not add lemonade…be sure to source good quality beer, Little Creatures Pale Ale is our top pick. Delicious desserts  Australia Day wouldn’t be complete without a plate full of laming

colour book


Transport yourself into Pantone paradise with the latest home design trend that throws the Dewey decimal system to the wind (and drives the local librarian mad) but makes your bookshelf look amazing. Although 50 Shades of Grey doesn’t sit next to 39 Steps, organising books by colour will make the bookcase a more streamlined and vibrant feature of the room. 1. Start by deciding the scale of your sorting. If in doubt, start with a row of books you don’t read or the ones you’ve read. 2. Take out all of your chosen books and start sorting them by colour on the floor, making sure you have lots of space to move around. 3. Once t



Add a splash of colour to your home this summer with furnishings that are fresh, fun and full of life. A few statement pieces scattered around your home can instantly transform the look and feel of your humble abode. Kartell Dune Trays – Created by Mario Bellini for Italian manufacturer Kartell, these exquisite trays come in all colours of the rainbow – each one as striking as the next. Neda Missoni Cushion – This bold floral design is the perfect piece to freshen up any living space. Iittala Mariskooli bowl – This stunning crystal bowl can be used simply as a decorational object or for storing a few of your favourite



We all love to bring souvenirs of our travels back home, so why not fill our homes with them? These stores are scouring the globe for beautiful handmade textiles and unique household items for the modern bohemian. Towels from Table Tonic: Louise Bell, self-avowed “Décor Junkie”, sources beautiful homewares from Afghanistan, India, Africa, Mexico and Uzbekistan, among other places. These 100% hand loomed cotton towels are made in Tunisia. Floor Rugs from Bazaar Bazaar: Want a one-of-a-kind rug? Check out Bazaar Bazaar, purveyors of unique, over-dyed, vintage carpets from Turkey. A donation is made with every sale to support loca



We spend over a third of our lives in our bedrooms so, before you hibernate, why not make it a better, brighter, cleaner space. WINDOW: Open your windows to let the breeze in for 20 minutes every day. This will prevent dust mites and bacteria from thriving in the warmth. PILLOWS: Your pillow is where hair, moisturiser and sweat build up and can become a playground for bacteria, dead skin cells and bugs. A dirty pillow can even cause acne. Make sure you put yours in the wash at least once a fortnight, long before it acquires that musty smell.  SHEETS: How often should we wash our sheets? At least once a week, and if you’ve been