Why: Acupuncture – Fertility’s Friend….

Natalie Kringoudis, Founder of The Pagoda Tree The idea of pressing small needles into the body probably isn't everybody's idea of a good time, however it can’t be denied just how effective acupuncture can be. In fact, we see wonderful results in my clinic, The Pagoda Tree, every day and appreciate the amazing impact it has on the body. But you might still be left scratching your head wondering just how acupuncture can work? I’m happy to help you understand a little better how it works and more specifically, with women’s health in mind – just how does it assist in balancing hormones? Most health professionals appreciate that acu

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Handy helpers for home…

Looking to spice up your home instead of your love life this Valentine’s Day? Here are some of our tried and tested helpers that can restore run down pieces or create new ones to inject fresh life into your humble adobe… By the sea in Sydney… “Dean from Warwick Upholstery. He was taught by a beautiful (now retired) man who he bought his business and workshop from. I like his old fashioned head for service.” Megan Morton, Stylist. “I dream about having every piece of furniture in my house from his collection.” Tash Sefton, Co-founder of ‘They All Hate Us’ blog  A little FYI, Mark Tuckey is also located in Melbour

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Be the picture of health

Lethargic? Skin itchy and sensitive? Digestion not 100%? Check out some of WY’s most highly recommended professionals! For Melburnians… "With a hectic work schedule I was finding it impossible to get into a routine and needed a healthy eating plan that could some how fit in. When I met for my consultation with Bannie I was pleasantly surprised to find out about so many quick and easy nutritious meals. The focus was on food to fuel my body throughout the day, making simple changes or healthier alternatives to my diet. What I loved was that I was introduced to so many new exciting meals and there's a no fad approach, so I'm not star

Alkaline feature

Who’s Your? goes ‘Alkaline’ – The A List diet everyone is raving about….but does it work?

It seems like the world (including A list celebs such as Gywneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston) is always raving about a 'brand new' diet so when an article by nutritionist and author Kathleen Alleaumes questioned the validity of the trendy Alkaline diet that apparently "whittle's waistlines, curbs inflammatory conditions and even cures cancer" popped into our inboxes before the Christmas break, we were immediately intrigued if this was one lifestyle change we shouldn't be embracing (The WY? team already follow a similar approach of eating to the Alkaline diet) Image source: Insaminsa Here's a run down on what Alleaume and consulting gastr

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Five race ready contacts to book today!

To look polished from head-to-toe this racing season, preparation is key. WY? has compiled five key contacts on the ground in Australia’s racing capital that will take care of all your beauty and grooming needs for this year’s Spring Racing Carnival. Avoid the stress of trying to book appointments last minute, bring out your diary and get yourself race ready today! For tanperfection… For happy skin… For the perfect polish For lovely locks… For brow beauty….  

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Coveting happy? WY? reveals the habits of happy people…

Popsugar's health and wellness reporter Zelana Montminy reported this week on why some people are truly happier than others and…audible sigh of relief you're not going to have to sacrifice your handbag habit in the self-help aisle. Apparently creating new happy habits is no different to training your muscles in the gym and you can rewire your brain into a happier place. Simply committing to one new habit a week can make a big difference…so here's your happy to-do-list… 4 easy, actionable things to do…pure happiness. Happy people… 1) Are grateful - we've all heard this before but apparently its the mark of a happ



In the third installment of ‘she says’, ‘he says’ Claire Vyverberg, Who’s Your beauty editor has once again teamed up with James Vivian, aka the Travelling Peelsman and dermal therapist to the ‘Who’s Who’ of Melbourne give you their expert advice on a well kept man.  She says: Stop stealing products from your girlfriend. It’s time to man up and sort out your personal skincare regime. There is no use pretending you don’t care about how your skin looks and whether your face is showing the tell tale signs of ageing because we know the truth – men do want to look their best and stay young forever. While investing in sk



By WY? beauty contributor, Claire Vyverberg.  The staple line I hear again and again is “can you please hide my dark circles?” Sure I can – no problem. With the right concealer and brush, I can play magician to brighten up your peepers in no time. The trick is to identify the colours creating dark shadows and then to find a concealer that will work to counteract them. New mums, workaholics and party girls take note. These under-eye saviours will help you fake it till you make it. If you’re suffering from blue/purple based circles under your eyes caused by broken capillaries, surface veins, thin fine skin and lack of sleep then



At WY? we are always on the hunt for new services and treatments to try that help us achieve our quest for a balanced lifestyle. Here are five of WY’s latest health helpers we want you to try…   Meditation teacher Swami Shankarananda Shiva School of Meditation & Yoga 27 Tower Road Mt Eliza VIC 3930 (03) 9775 2568 Kinesologist Botanica Medicines Robyn Thompson 228 Glenferrie Road Malvern ?VIC 3144 (03) 9576 3077 Osteopath Beyond Windsor Dr.Nick McEniry Empire Place 174a Peel Street Windsor VIC 3181 (03) 9530 2224 Health Food provider Sprout Organics and café Neel 123 Auburn Road Hawthorn VIC



Stress can be a tricky thing! Most often we are under stress and don’t even realise it until it’s taken over.  At Who’s Your?, we want you to stress less and so, have put together our top five stress busters to rein in an out of control day and have you ending the day feeling cool, calm and collected… Warning: Your excuses for being frazzled all the time are about to fade away – and yes that’s actually a good thing… Sweat out the stress Rejuvenate the body and mind with a sweat sesh in an Infrared Sauna, a.k.a the detox box. The most immediate benefit is a feeling of extreme relaxation – watch your stress and anx