Art & Culture January 24 2013

To be little miss organised is a common Who’s Your? team member trait…We set aside time twice a month to keep our office in check before things get out of control. When everything has a place it can make you feel calmer, so we asked Professional Organizer and founder of Clear Space, Rebecca Mezzino for her top five tips to keep your office organised.

1. Keep your actionable paperwork vertical and sorted into relevant categories. A stand of manila folders takes up less space than several of piles of paper, and a magazine file of journals takes up less space than a pile of them on the desk.

2. Keep your reference paperwork off your desk entirely, instead try a filing cabinet or binders on shelves. If you look at it infrequently, it should be off your desk.

3. Curb your stationery addiction. I know – it’s awfully pretty and fun, and it makes you feel organised, but you don’t need sixty notepads, seven staplers and a bucket of paperclips. Nor do you need one million pens that don’t work. Throw them out!

4. Set up a routine that includes an end-of-day desk clearing. File your paperwork, put away your stationery and get rid of any other bits and pieces that have collected there. If you do it every day, your desk will never get out of control and you won’t come into work on Monday to the smell of curdled cappuccino.

5. Try using a magazine file as your inbox instead of an in-tray – it’s an unrestrained ‘too hard basket’ waiting to happen, and empty it daily, not yearly!