Home December 12 2012

Transport yourself into Pantone paradise with the latest home design trend that throws the Dewey decimal system to the wind (and drives the local librarian mad) but makes your bookshelf look amazing. Although 50 Shades of Grey doesn’t sit next to 39 Steps, organising books by colour will make the bookcase a more streamlined and vibrant feature of the room.

1. Start by deciding the scale of your sorting. If in doubt, start with a row of books you don’t read or the ones you’ve read.

2. Take out all of your chosen books and start sorting them by colour on the floor, making sure you have lots of space to move around.

3. Once the colours are roughly sorted, focus on colour groups and sort them by shading.

4. Sometimes it’s hard to decide what colours to put next to each other – certain colours like blue/green/yellow/orange/pink/red will transition easily but black, brown and white spines you can put anywhere you like. Alternatively, you can put the colours on the shelf randomly – it will still look great!