Coveting happy? WY? reveals the habits of happy people…

August 29 2013

Popsugar’s health and wellness reporter Zelana Montminy reported this week on why some people are truly happier than others and…audible sigh of relief you’re not going to have to sacrifice your handbag habit in the self-help aisle. Apparently creating new happy habits is no different to training your muscles in the gym and you can rewire your brain into a happier place. Simply committing to one new habit a week can make a big difference…so here’s your happy to-do-list… 4 easy, actionable things to do…pure happiness.

Happy people…

1) Are grateful - we’ve all heard this before but apparently its the mark of a happy person and is as simple as writing a daily or even weekly “note-to sefie” about what you are grateful for …today @ WY? HQ we’re grateful for the busy banter and charming chirping of our feathered friends gearing up for spring! And we’re grateful for Kikki K’s cute little Gratitude Journal…perfect for the task at hand.

2) Nurture good social relationships – real ones people, not 1557 Facebook friends, 123 re-pins or 89 instagram likes…take a friend out for coffee and have a real conversation…and no, sms’ing ”How are you?” does not count. Why not try a happy-combo with a friend and organise a walk outdoors or maybe even a learn some new tricks with a healthy cooking course…? Try one of WY? favourites Natalie Kringoudis and Andi Lew’s courses or buy the book

3) Exercise – no surprises here…we all know that hormone high that comes straight after exercise…life just seems a little lighter and brighter. A brisk 20 minute walk counts, so of course does our new obsessions the Barre Method and One Hot Yoga

4) Make healthy food choices – happy people are healthier and are also 22% less likely to get heart disease…we’re loving the Green Smoothie Revolution and our Vitamix’for a super charged alkalising start to the day. Fav combos – see these 5 green smoothies for beginners at MindBodyGreen

Watch the Popsugar report here for the full story and get your happy on.