Discover Your Inner Decorator: Top Six Tips for DIY Home Styling

January 22 2015

top.3-terri.winter.2-lr-t_1WY? Influencer Terri Winter of Top 3 Design’s Top Six Tips for DIY Home Styling

Everyone always asks me how I “put things together” in the home. They assume that there is a hidden trick or you have to use a professional.

I am a huge believer in your home being a tapestry of your life journey. An interior decorator that can work with you to interpret your look for you is a wonderful start if it is not your ‘thing’ but I believe it is vitally important that you embrace your own surrounds and be courageous enough to maintain your own home journey.

There are people that naturally have a ‘knack’ for decorating, but don’t feel that you can’t also own your home decor. There is so much visual reference material these days for you to ‘borrow’ from that you can become your own decorator.

Top Six DIY Decorating Tips:

Your home should reflect your life and your family. Having someone go out and buy your décor in a single hit will never feel like your home.

1. Use Pinterest to get a scrapbook going of anything that takes your fancy – don’t think too hard to begin with – just hunt and gather by instinct. After some time you can go over the images you have collected and you will see certain themes emerging – this is your personal style direction.

2. In general terms, work with a base palette that makes you feel comfortable and mix and match tones and textures that are within similar colour palettes (avoid matching or can get too tonal). Once you have found a palette that suits – graphic black and white, tonal timber or greys, or pure white then explore Pinterest for how other people have added to it – what unusual combinations take your fancy? Please experiment!

3. One good trick when trying to freshen up a room and work out what colour you should add is to get any object in the colour that you are considering – it could be a book or a bowl from another room. Sit it in the space to see how the colour affects the surrounds before you go off and buy all your cushions or curtains in a colour you have never used before. Experiment with colours you had not thought of – take details of a highlight colour from a painting in the room and give it a try. It is truly remarkable how a single addition of a colour will impact a room – for better or for worse! Free yourself to experiment in the knowledge it is not forever.

4. I constantly move artwork and objects around my home, shifting furniture, lamps and paintings from room to room.  The new combinations feel fresh. A change is as good as a holiday!

5. Work with stores that will let you be brave and buy a colour you are not sure of and then exchange it for something else if it does not work for you. At top3, we encourage all of our customers to be brave and try something that might not work out for them, knowing they can change it if it does not work.

6. Don’t be concerned about it being “finished” – your home should never be “finished” it will be an evolving project and can shift and change seasonally and as your life and family evolves.