September 06 2013


Dream home, fast car & bling – not your biggest assets!

1) The greatest wealth is health
We must commit to spending more on our health than we do on our wardrobes. Spare no expense when it comes to maintaining your health, your body and your mind.

2) West is not always best
Be responsible for your own health. Seek alternatives if you are not getting answers or solutions. In the west we love a script and a quick fix yet this most definitely is not the best way forward to perfect health. Western medicine often fails us as its modality is ‘sickness’ based and small signs of imbalance are not recognised. Before they get worse, nip it in the bud by visiting an alternative health practitioner and get your body back in balance.

3) Read and research
Take an interest in new findings and research…3 things to read/do:

The Brain That Changes Itself is an inspiring read that will permanently alter the way you look at human possibility and human nature.

Luminosity is the web’s #1 brain training program. Stimulate your mind with fun games and personalised programs.

Perfect Health
 is a must-read best seller. A complete step-by-step program of mind body medicine, based on the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and how we can apply it to everyday life.

4) Your body & mind are not separate
Meditation is mandatory for relieving stress and achieving optimum inner health.

For an excellent at-home guide to meditation, get yourself a copy of Happy For No Good Reason.

Or for group meditation classes or courses, visit Shiva Yoga on the Mornington Peninsula or Mahasiddha Kadampa Meditation Centre in Surry Hills.

5) Build a team around you
Create an address book of specialists who you can trust with your health.
WY? highly recommends this list of true professionals in Sydney & Melbourne…

Dr James Hagi (South Melbourne, VIC)
Dr Peter Green (Sydney CBD, NSW)

Nicole Di Pietro-Case (South Yarra, VIC)
Amelia Joseph- (Manly, NSW)

Chinese Medicine/Acupuncturist-
Graham Jellett (South Yarra, VIC) 
Houng Lau (Bondi, NSW)

Owen (Richmond, VIC)
Helen (Bondi, NSW)