Feel the freedom of flotation with the latest wellness therapy

September 30 2015

The new wave of medicine has definitely gone a-la-natural, and we love it!


But with an endless list of different methods from different cultures for a myriad of problems, it’s hard to stay on top of all the latest therapy trends.

Floatation therapy, a version of balneotherapy is the latest craze – and for good reason! Floating in a warm, serene tank of water loaded with Epsom salts and minerals isn’t only relaxing; it provides a host of other benefits for both mind and body.

Known as the art of water therapy, balneotherapy involves bathing in healing minerals such as Epson salts and lavender oil to provide relief from body aches, refresh and restore your psyche and momentarily lift the weight of the world off your shoulders.

‘Float therapy’ tanks have taken this up a notch, with gravity floatation centres popping up in multiple locations across the country, providing individual ‘pods’ for you to float your issues away. Other than the deep relaxation and sense of nirvana, benefits include:

- Increased hydrostic pressure on the body (blood circulation increase, cell oxygenation)
- Stress management and mood therapy due to activation of the parasympathetic nervous system and release of dopamine and endorphins
- Elimination of toxins in the body
- High amounts of negative ions in spring water promotes feelings of physical and psychological wellbeing.
- Skin benefits including reduced dermatitis and psoriasis

To get your float on, WY? recommends:

Gravity Float (Melbourne)

Sydney Float Centre (Sydney)

Saltuary (Melbourne)