Beauty October 25 2012

Keeping your skin in check is no easy feat, so WY? sought advice from Joanna Karpinski, Victorian State Manager at Skinceuticals, for five top skin and beauty tips…

1. Make sure your skin is being looked after with correct active ingredients at different times of the day.
For example, use a well-balanced pH cleanser such as, Skinceuticals Simply Clean in the morning followed by an antioxidant serum to prevent oxidative stress and free radical damage, which causes ageing. Make sure you find a solution that is scientifically proven for physiological results, Phloretin CF Gel is a great option.

We are heading towards summer so prevention of skin damage is absolutely imperative. Antioxidants like: Vit C (L-ascorbic acid ), Ferulic, Phloretin, Copper Peptide PCA are fantastic to prevent skin damage and UV induced inflammation which can be found in a preventing serum such as our C E Ferulic.

2. Always hydrate your skin!
Water is a natural body moisutiser so look after Trans Epidermal Water Loss (which increases with age) and address both acid mantle dehydration/oxidation and surface moisture loss, which causes skin dryness. Try using Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Masque to address this skin issue. 

A high quality moisturiser should be applied in the morning and at night, on top of an active serum. It doesn’t have to be heavy and if your skin is oily, then there are plenty of solutions on the market that can address oily skin. There are also hyaluronic, vitamin enriched serums available, such as Hydrating B5 Gel Serum, which acts as a pre moisturiser for skin that feels dry.

3. Always address skin damage with high quality corrective products.
Most Australians are concerned with pigmentation – a condition that should be addressed by a combination of active ingredients such as vitamin A (at night), tyrosinase inhibitors, peptides, AHA’s and anti- inflammatory solutions. If you’re unsure about what treatments and products are best for you, book an appointment with a skin specialist, as self-prescription and diagnosis can be tricky. If you’re thinking of IPL treatments, you need to look at a priming skin program before, for better results.

4. Always apply SPF at least 15- 20 min before leaving your house in the morning.
Take your product with you when you head out, as you might need to reapply throughout the day. The recommended dose of SPF 30+ is measured by 2 mg per square cm of human skin, however the average person won’t use that much product, so a top up is needed during a day.

5. Always look out for new and exciting ways of rejuvenating possibilities, which are safe for home usage.
A high quality Titanium Microneedling device such as Medik8 is great for personal home usage. This device penetrates the top layers of the skin without causing any damage and allows for higher absorption of topical products. Titanium Microneedling is an incredibly accurate and minimally intrusive home device and is suitable for all skin types and colours. Using this device twice a week at night with provide the wow factor for your skin.