Five ways to kick start 2014!

December 18 2013

When a new year rolls around we often spend time reflecting on the year that has passed and look for ways to make the year ahead bigger and better…To help you start the New Year off on the right foot the WY? team has come up with a list of five to-dos that will set the scene for a fabulous 2014!

Buy a Mi Goals 2014 Diary from notemaker
The 2014 Mi Goals Diary is a stylish, savvy and practical diary that has a diary component as well as goals pages for ten different goals. Keep track of your daily duties as well as your exercise regime and eating habits in the New Year and make it your healthiest year yet!

Unwind with a 30-minute detox box in an infrared sauna
Rejuvenate the body and the mind with a quick session in the detox box. Infrared therapy increases circulation and rids the body of unwanted chemicals and waste, leaving you feeling relaxed and fresh.


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Read ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’ by Robin Sharma
As one of the world’s most widely read authors for leadership and personal success inspiration Robin should be your go-to for ‘New You’ inspiration. In his new book, ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’ Robin will help you take your work life and your personal world to a whole new level of wow and show you how to get to your peak in life.

Move your body in a new way….
At WY? we are always willing to try the latest exercise fad, especially when it’s good for not only your body but your soul too! Make a pact with yourself to try a new exercise class in 2014 and watch your body transform….

WY? top picks: 

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Visit the Grape Grazing Festival in February
The Grape Grazing Festival in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley is back after a five-year break and WY? can’t wait. Take a long weekend from Feb 14–16 and experience three days of bliss by engrossing yourself in the region’s best food, cider, beer and so much more!