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September 25 2014

In need of motivation? Look no further than these six fab fitness bloggers!

Summer is in nine weeks… does that flicker a slight flame of panic? It sure does in WY? HQ, so with our weekly Pilates sessions booked – on our nominated day for a focus on healthy living #wellnesswednesday -  and a goal to increase our movement and fitness, we look to our favourite health and wellness bloggers to give us that extra bit of motivation we need when the skies still seem grey when our alarms go off!

Amanda Bisk

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A Commonwealth Games athlete, Amanda’s life changed after coming down with a debilitating bout of chronic fatigue. Wanting to take charge of her life, Amanda decided to change her whole view on fitness and health. Bringing holistic practices such as yoga and listening to what her body needed, Amanda recovered to be her best self yet and is thriving. Amanda’s Instagram account is one of our favourites – it seems there’s no location she can’t pull off an awe-inspiring yoga pose or one-armed handstand.


Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 4.02.39 pm

Founded by Bianca Cheah in 2012, Sporteluxe has fast become one of the best health and fitness websites, with heavy lashings of style because who says being healthy living can’t be fashionable too? With a strong editorial team, Sporteluxe brings you a complete lifestyle guide to living your best life – radiant, nourished and happy. There’s not chance you’ll stay unmotivated after seeing Bianca’s beachside yoga poses – flexible and toned? Yes please!

Melissa Ambrosini

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Melissa calls herself “the straight-talking, ass-kicking, pump-you-up bestie you never had” – and we wish she really was! Melissa’s motivating posts about health, wealth and loving yourself give us daily reminders that we can love ourselves wholly, and working out isn’t punishment, it’s a reward for your body– mandatory in our eyes!

Sweat and Oranges

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Sisters Jayne and Katie have both fitness and food covered with their personal training and nutrition careers complementing each other to create Sweat and Oranges – a one-stop blog for fitness tips and healthy recipes. The mums out there will appreciate their down-to-earth advice on post-baby fitness.

Kayla Itsines

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With 1.3million followers on Instagram, you’ve more than likely heard of Kayla (or seen a picture of her six pack) and her 12 Week Bikini Body Guide! What we love most about Kayla’s blogs and posts is her no-BS attitude when it comes to fitness. Want a body like hers? Quit the excuses and work for it!

Base Body Babes

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These two Sydney sisters are personal trainers whose motivating Instagram pictures and helpful blog posts detailing healthy recipes and weekend workouts are quickly gaining a massive following. Their approach to weight training is welcomed by WY?, with the Base Body Babes promising to convince you that weights won’t make you bulky – rather give you the toned Gisele-esque legs you’ve dreamed of!