Get your skin off and racing…

October 15 2013

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 4.26.55 PMSpring Racing Carnival skincare tips from the fabulous Dermal Therapist and Travelling Peelsman, James Vivian…

Every year, Spring Racing Carnival (SRC) enthusiasts make a final pilgrimage to their skin care professional, fine-tuning the skin and bringing it to life pre-occasion.Whether you do or do not place your skin in the hands of a trusted skincare professional, you may benefit from the following SRC skin care tips below…

1. Do not attempt a skincare product or treatment for the first time within two weeks of SRC. Reactions can and often do (Murphy’s Law) occur, so stick with tried and tested solutions that will not put your skin or your days enjoyment at risk.

2. If you do visit a trusted skincare professional have a conversation addressing any and all skin care related concerns that you wish to resolve in time for SRC. Begin this conversation as soon as possible so that your skin can be treated without the limitation of time and therefore success.

3. Pre-SRC treatments often aim to address concerns such as breakouts, scarring, pigmentation and the initiation of  ‘The Glow’. Such treatments include superficial chemical peeling treatments, medifacials, micro/hydrabrasion, laser and light-based therapies. These treatments should be individually prescribed and of course, administered by a qualified and reputable therapist.

4. For those of you who like to care for your skin at home the night(s) prior to a race day, prepare the skin for tomorrow’s makeup application by using a very gentle textured scrub such as Aspect Cellablation ($48.40) to buff away dead skin cells and naturally reveal your inner-glow. Sensitive and reactive skins will benefit from a gentler option such as Cosmedix Pure Enzymes ($66) to dissolve dead skin cells and expose a brighter complexion. Follow your chosen method of exfoliation with a hydrating mask such as Société Marine Hydrating Mask ($101.54) to bath newly exposed skin cells with hydrating, calming and brightening ingredients.

5. Sun protection is vital during race season. If you’re not confident to wear your SPF underneath your application of makeup e.g. too greasy, too shiny or too thick then it is time to rethink your current SPF and invest in one that ticks all the boxes. For a tinted option, consider Société Prime & Defend ($79.20). As the name suggests this product will perfectly prime the skin pre-makeup application and defend the skin with an oil-free zinc oxide and titanium dioxide combination of ingredients. For a non-tinted option, consider Results Rx Reflect Rx ($79.20), this light-as-water, oil-free SPF absorbs instantly into the skin for an invisible finish.

6. Lastly, do yourself one final favour and wash your makeup off before you hit the pillow. Your skin (and potential hangover) will thank you in the morning.