Grappling with Gratitude? Try kindness for a change…

September 26 2013

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 10.27.47 AMSo you’ve been grappling with gratitude, deciphering Gretchen Rubins Happiness Project and Darling Greatly with Brene Brown (who was recently in Australia speaking at a Business Chicks breakfast and was completely inspiring)…so what’s next on the to-do-list of life…well, its simple apparently…good old fashioned kindness.

According to MindBodyGreen’s Silvia Mordini there are 25 simple things you can do to get the benefits that being kind offer to a hustled, bustled busy modern day woman! Here are our favourite 10 with a little WY commentary….

1. Use social media to promote positive messaging and compassion. Stand up for kindness.
- There’s always the lazy ‘like’ button, but maybe dig a little deeper and dish out a few comments on a fabulous outfit or beautiful family photos?

2. Give someone a genuine compliment.
- Easy to do…could be work compliment – how someone handled a situation or perhaps a personal one – just ‘You’re a good chick’ and I love you in my life.9. Go on a complaint-free diet.
- @WY? HQ we are about to start the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Program and we promise not to complain, even about her chair workouts!
10. Encourage a friend or family member when they are uncertain or unmotivated.
- Two heads are better than one – spend a little time with someone thrashing out options in tricky situation14. Invite someone new into your tribe; alleviate loneliness for just one person.
- Work is the obvious scene here…new team member? Invite her for coffee or to joint the lunch time click…15. Hold the door open for the person behind you.
- No explanation or WY? commentary required here…18. Let someone into your lane while driving.
- Yes, please! We’re not saying let the pushy rev head take you for a schmuck but be polite on the road…
20. Pay for the person behind you in the coffee line.
- A cheap thrill we say!
24. Serve as a mentor. Generously share what you know and make it easier for someone else.
- Navigating this crazy world will be a content challenge for young people in the future – find some hours to give some old fashioned knowledge and know how to someone younger than you

25. Commit to consistent self-care for yourself.

- Massages (WY? top picks – House of Shirodarah, Jaimie Zammit and The Olsen Norbu Day Spa) Massages and more massages…OK and a facial @ Neoskin