High 5: Top tips to banish Christmas ‘pudding’ tops!

December 05 2013

Viver Fitness


For many people the holiday season brings an ‘all or nothing’ mindset with healthy eating habits and regular exercise trumped in favour of umpteen slices of glazed ham. To keep you on the right track through all the festive fun WY? asked Belinda Carusi, Founder of Viver Fitness to share five tips on how you can beat the bulge this Christmas. You can thank us for your tip-top bikini bodies later…

Add tababta training to your routine – Originating in Japan, tababta is an extremely effective and time efficient way to burn body fat. The way to complete tabata training is with 20seconds on and 10 seconds off, repeated 8 times, equalling 4 minutes in total. Complete 3 rounds of tabata at the end of your workout or if time is limited this can replace your usual workout – it’s that effective. Here is a sample tabata workout to try:

Tabata 1: 20sec burpees, 10sec rest (repeat 8x) 10 sec rest (repeat 4x)
Tabata 2: 20 sec push-ups, 10 sec rest, 20 sec high knees, 10 sec rest (repeat 4x)
Tabata 3: 20 sec squat jumps, 10 sec rest (repeat 8x)   

Follow the single sitting rule – This is a great rule to follow if you want to stay in shape. Allow yourself two treat meals each week where you eat whatever you like but as soon as you leave the table you must stop eating. Eg. On Christmas day allow yourself to enjoy dinner and desert but once you leave the table there is no going back for seconds or picking allowed.

Do a hard workout before you are going to a dinner partyAfter doing an intense workout your body uses up all your glucose stores which means you need to replace them with high energy carbs (Hi GI) to help your body recover and rebuild strength. By working out before dinner the food you consume within two hours of training session will help your body recover and will not be stored as fat.

Keep a food/exercise diary – The best way to keep on track with healthy habits is to track exactly what you’re eating and how much you’re exercising. By keeping a food diary you’re more likely to make healthy lifestyle choices and won’t consume too many body bulging treats.

Replacement Week – We all have one food weakness in our diet so the challenge this festive season is to choose one food item/group and replace it with a healthier alternative. E.g Replace a hot chocolate with herbal tea. A seven-day detox/replacement will show you that you don’t need that item everyday.

Belinda’s top five festive issue contacts

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