HOLY DETOX!….5 things you can do @ home today!

October 17 2013

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DR LUIIt’s time to give your body a little head-to-toe overhaul with a body makeover from the inside out. Chinese Medicine Doctor and the ‘king of detox’, Dr. Shuquan Liu shares five, including several unexpected tips that will shift your body into a healthier direction, and leave you feeling fit and fresh for Summer!

1. Swim in the sea for ten minutes before 9am every day for four weeks.
Most people are unaware but we all tend to have too much heat in our bodies due to a number of lifestyle factors such as smoking, consumption of fatty foods and too much wine. Spending time in the ocean will take heat away from your body and bring your body back into alignment.

2. Jog for a minimum of forty-five minutes three times a week for four weeks
If you run for twenty minutes at a time you don’t release any toxins, and therefore you don’t cleanse your body. Running for over thirty minutes will start to burn fat and release toxins through your sweat however your heart rate needs to rise above 100 and be sustained for thirty minutes to achieve results. Anything under this time frame doesn’t clean the toxins from the body, it just makes you feel fit!

3. Drink only tap water or filtered water without food two days a week (not two days in a row) for four weeks
This is to give your body a rest. When you drink water you are letting your liver, kidneys, spleen and large intestines have a rest from processing food. If you do this for one day only you feel good for one to two days but you don’t feel better long term. Four weeks is the minimum time to feel any long terms benefit.

4. Rest and clean your organs
Have half of a Lebanese cucumber with vinegar for breakfast and lunch, and drink only water and black tea for the rest of the day. The vinegar will clean the liver and the cucumber will assist to clean your bowel over time. Do this for three days in a row, over a four-week period and you’ll feel brand new!

5. Shock the body
The best way to do this is by having a hot sauna for twenty minutes, followed by a cold swim or shower until your body has cooled down. The heat opens the body and clears the toxins while the cold water tries to close the body from the outside. When you repeat the process, extra energy is used to open and close the body leading to a more thorough cleanse…. and a fresher you!

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