Home September 06 2013

There are a plethora of high-quality services that take convenience to a whole new level. So we suggest staying warm in your pj’s and hitting the WY? address book. Here are our Top 6 house call heroes…

1. Stay on the couch yet manage all those little errands….with a personal concierge:

Mr Cornelius

2. Don’t leave home but get your glow on…with a personal spraytanner:

Tanne by Meegan

3.Enjoy healthy organic meals prepared for you, not by you…with a personal chef:

Personal Chef Service

4. Turn your home into an urban retreat…with a personal masseuse:

The Rejuvenators

5. Get a summer bikini body in your very own backyard…with a personal trainer:

Max NRG Personal Training

6. Beat the bugs from your own bed…with a personal doctor:

Melbourne: Home Visiting Doctor

Sydney: Sydney Medical Service