How to handle hotel hiccups and other travel tips

December 14 2015

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Collecting more stamps in her passport than most, photographer and travel blogger Rhiannon Taylor has visited some of the most desirable locations and stayed at some seriously luxe hotels. As a seasoned expert in all things travel, we asked Rhiannon her go-to advice on all things travel – from wrangling an upgrade (easier said than done!) to navigating some of the hiccups that can occur in your dream trip!

A travel photographer and blogger, you spend a lot of time on a plane! What tips do you have for;

Getting some good sleep on a flight? The not-so miracle cure for this is to book your butt a lie-flat seat. Unfortunately that isn’t always a possibility so I check for the best option when flying economy – there are a lot of seats with extra legroom if you search for it. Also, pack a puffy jacket for extra cushioning to aid with neck pain. It helps me fall asleep a lot easier.

Maintaining your skin on a flight? Have all your regular facial and skin products in a handy travel size. Remove make-up as soon as you’re on the plane. Facial mists are really handy to hydrate my skin throughout a long flight. Drink water (obviously) and brush your teeth during flight – this always makes me feel so much better.

Wrangling an upgrade? I feel there is no holy grail to this. I’ve only had it happen a few times and it was mostly because whoever I was travelling with was upgraded and they felt sorry for me! So there you go, leech off someone else and pull a puppy dog face!

You’ve checked into your dream hotel room and it’s nothing like the pictures, or definitely not ‘five star’ as promised… any advice for gracefully dealing with hiccups while travelling? Speak up. Depending on the problem, you can usually get an upgraded room. If it’s truly horrible, just check out. I left the utterly cool Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and went to a basic no-name resort down the road because I couldn’t handle the noise from daily pool parties. I felt like a total grandma but my trip was so much better for it. Both hotels were really accommodating and understanding too.