How to Pack like a Pro: Travel Tips Every Fashionista Needs To Know!

January 28 2016

holding-travel-tips_121316129280One of the most exciting (but often stressful!) things about heading off on holiday is deciding what to wear… Perhaps you’re after the perfect striped boat-neck top for your picture in Paris, or a quintessential printed kaftan for your tropical getaway – but how to keep them wrinkle free and ready to parade? WY? gathered the best tips for packing a punch – fashion wise!

Overpackers, you’ve been warned! Try to plan your outfits in advance, thinking about your activities for each day of the trip (occasional dressing, anyone?) and see where you can avoid doubling up, as well as reworking items to match different outfits.

Weather watching… Don’t forget to check the weather forecast ahead of your departure – no point taking extra sweaters if it’s going to be high 30s with humidity!

Wrinkle free, worry free… Friction helps to cause wrinkles, and plastic can assist in reducing friction! Save your plastic dry-cleaner bags ahead of an upcoming trip and place all hanger items in a bag to reduce the chance of a wrinkled outfit.

Delicate situation… Keep your intimates in one place by packing them in a delicates laundry bag – but the kicker is to pack an extra bag to easily separate your worn delicates from the fresh!

Roll or fold? Most people are on one side of the fence or the other… but we recommend sticking to folding for sweaters and other items thicker than a t-shirt or jeans. Rolling can be great


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