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Alexia Petsinis

Creative illustrator, writer and designer
Alexia Petsinis is a creative illustrator, writer and designer working across the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries. Drawing inspiration from fine art, literature and music; her work represents a chic and diverse aesthetic based upon the principles of Parisian design and innovation.

Alexia Petsinis

Home is…
Melbourne, Victoria

What do you do?
I do fashion/beauty/lifestyle illustration (2D and 3D), product styling and illustration, Film (stop motion and time lapse), Live illustration, fashion reporting/writing, creative writing – a lot!

Your art is so unique, did you always know you were going to make a career out of fashion illustration?
I always knew in the back of my mind that fashion illustration was the one thing that really fulfilled me. I was very dreamy and had my head in the clouds when I was growing up; so I loved illustrating because it allowed me to escape to other worlds, and interact with many characters in my head. I imagined what it would be like to illustrate as a job everyday, but I never thought I’d actually get to that point. It happened very quickly for me, but I feel so lucky for it, and I never take it for granted.

Who would be your absolute dream client to illustrate for?
I think Viktor & Rolf or Miu Miu would be fun. Those brands represent a potent fusion of art, architecture and fashion that conjures up visionary worlds for me. Worlds to which the mind can escape. I like illustrating outlandish things from time to time ; particularly using 3D objects in my final outcomes, and I think these brands would allow lots of scope to explore in these mediums.

Who is your current style muse?
I think Margerita Missoni is quite effortless and natural. It never looks like she tries too hard, yet she is always radiant. It seems like her inner spirit and her exterior are in harmony, and that’s what real style is to me.

Favourite book and favourite author?
‘The Leopard’ by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. I first read it when I was about 16, and I found the whole novel rich and decadent in its descriptions of aristocratic Italian life and scenery. I like that sense of excess and decadence in art and fashion. I loved imagining what each of the female characters would wear; maybe rustic golden frocks with heavy embroidery or something like that. And you can literally smell the scent of Italian blood oranges throughout the book, a delicious read.

We heard you’re currently writing your own novel. What can you tell us about it and when can we expect it to be released?
I can’t say much! Only that it does have illustrations thrown in the mix, so it’s not a typical novel, but more playful in that sense. It’s something I work on in my quiet time (which is not very often) so I love just having it in the background whenever I feel like going back to it. I’m not in a rush to finish it, it’s really a passion project for me.

What is your daily beauty routine?
Cleanse lightly every morning, then moisturise with a SPF 30+ cream.
A light BB cream will do the job for daily coverage, as I find regular foundations a little heavy on the skin. (I try not to wear any make-up on my days off, or on the weekend, to give my skin a break.)
I apply a refining serum to my cheeks and under the eyes at night which helps to restore the skin and keep it supple.
Drink about 3 litres of water everyday, and eat my greens!

What can’t you live without?
- Diary planner (everything goes in there: meetings, events, appointments, deadlines…. I’d be so lost without it)
- A little sketchbook I carry in my bag wherever I go – I use it to jot down ideas, words or things that might catch my attention throughout the course of a day.
- My signature scent that lifts my spirit – ‘Sunshine’ by Amouage. It’s like a big burst of happiness in a bottle. I feel a bit glum if I forget to wear it.
- Water bottle.

What’s your favourite go-to lipstick and nail colour?
Lipstick: Tom Ford’s ‘Blush Nude’ (wear it everyday without fail)
Nail colour: OPI Samoan Sand

Fashion moment best left in the past?
Hmmm. Stiff leather jacket that was 2 sizes too big for me. Biker style just wasn’t my thing at age 15 (or ever for that matter!)

On the weekends you’ll find me…
Sketching in my studio.

  • Taking some ‘me time’ is important, who’s your facialist when you need pampering for skin and soul?
  • I do get some lovely compliments about my skin, and I will only let this lady work her magic on it. Christine Clais is more than a facialist, she is a healer. So after my treatments with her, I feel at peace with myself. It is a beautiful feeling, and I can feel a glow from the inside, to the outside.