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News reporter, Nine News
Melbourne born and bred, Alexis Daish is a true Melburnian who loves her city. Despite being a self-confessed maths nerd at school, Alexis was always passionate about writing and had a dream of one day becoming a journalist, whether it be in print, radio or TV. At only 24 years old Alexis has already had a successful career in the media, starting at Channel 9’s A Current Affair in 2008 before making the jump to 9 news in 2012. As a young woman with a strong work ethic, extreme dedication, no fear and an infectious personality we anticipate that Alexis is headed for even bigger things to come.

Alexis Daish

Home is:
South Melbourne, 20 meters from the market.

What do you do?
News reporter, Nine News

I’m happiest when..
I’ve been for a long run and I’m on the couch with a glass of red wine. Or when I’ve nailed a live cross.

My guiltiest pleasures are…
Chocolate and Andrew’s Hamburger’s in Bridport Street, Albert Park. I wish they would move away from me…Danger zone!

Top two books of all time?
My taste in books constantly changes but the ones I go back to are Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, Wherever you go, there you are by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn is amazing. I can keep going…

As a woman who is constantly on the go you always manage to look super fresh on screen. What are your top five handbag beauty must-haves?
I basically carry around a makeup department in my handbag for work, but top five:
-MAC Select Cover Up Cache Cernes. This bad boy will hide all bags.
-MAC Blot Powder Pressed. It gets rid of any shine in the t-zone.
- ‘Final net’ Super Hold Hair Spray. I’ve tried every hair spray (literally) and this $5 Woolworths one is the best.
- Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.
- Travel pack of Ralph Lauren Romance perfume. A spray before live crosses for good luck!


As a reporter for Nine News you work long hours. What are your top three tips or tricks for staying energised throughout the day?
- Being organised with a packed lunch. I take corn thins, nuts and an apple for a sugar hit when I’m punching out a late script.
- Lots of sleep, always in bed by 10pm.
The biggest test is a live cross at 6pm when I’ve been up since 4am on a big story out in the bush. In order to be ‘up’ when I’m knackered, I remove myself for a few minutes as a mini sort of meditation. Modern meditation is underrated – read Kabat-Zinn’s book! This is great for fresh energy.

You love to wine and dine with friends. What are your fave places to eat and drink in Melbourne and why?
To eat –
Romeo’s – for cheap and cheery Italian in Toorak Village. The ideal end to a weekend, I go with mum and dad. Pesto Tagliatelle is great too!
To drink – Anywhere with a good Espresso Martini. Best two in town can be found at Hercules Morse in Clarendon Street, South Melbourne and Orange in Chapel Street, Windsor. Supermaxi in Fitzroy North is also great for trendy Italian but it’s the bar menu that’s memorable – the gin and tonics are dangerously fresh. 

Best part of my job?
When you meet people going through terrible and often tragic things you are constantly reminded that every day is a true gift. 

Career defining moment?
The fact that I haven’t had a disastrous live cross (touch wood). 

To de-stress and stay calm I like to….
Run and meditate.

Top three songs to listen to on the road?
I’m meant to listen to the radio news at all times but I love to listen to anything from the Night Ripper album, Girl Talk, I love it (featuring Sia) by Hilltop Hoods and Roar by Katy Perry…she’s an ass kicker.

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  • Bruno Di Pietro. This man is a magician. I drill my high heels at work but then he gives them back to me and they're beautiful again!