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Alex Pendlebury

Nutritionist and Model
Alex Davis is a qualified nutritionist, an accredited health coach and a successful model. Alex's true passion however is Nutrition, which she has been studying since 2006. Alex studied at Deakin University obtaining a Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition. As a former gymnast, she has valued her health and fitness since she can remember, being passionately engaged in many sports and lifestyle activities including skiing, hiking, running, surfing, spinning, boxing, and group fitness - the girl is active! Alex is one of Melbourne's well known personalities, having presented for Channel 7's sport coverage, Coxy's big break and appearing on the TODAY show.

Name/s: Alex Pendlebury

Home is…Port Melbourne, Australia

What do you do? 
I am a nutritionist and run the nutrition and health website Simple Sensible Nutrition (.com). I also have modeled with Chadwick models for the last 8 years

What can’t you leave the house without? 
Bottle of water to remember to keep hydrated through the day and my phone, as it is also my diary, notepad, Melways, emails.

You’ve recently joined the Progression Fitness Team with your husband and Collingwood Football Captain Scott Pendlebury. Describe the Progression Fitness Club ethos and what Melbournians can expect from this new space?
We have created a health and fitness Mecca which offers many types of classes and fitness, so you do not need to pay several different memberships! For health it is important to focus on your fitness and good nutrition, so we encourage and take care of both. In the club we have a large arena for athletic training, strength training and for boxing sessions. We have a spin room for a challenging but fun cardio hit, and we have a yoga and Pilates loft which compliments all of the harder training on your body with some important stretching and mind body focus. We also offer nutrition consultations to cover both aspects of your health. 

You recently got married in Bali, congratulations! Did you change your fitness schedule/nutrition in the lead up to your wedding?
No I didn’t, I kept the same fitness and health routine. Because it is balanced, sustainable and I genuinely love it! Also if my body changed my dress would not have fitted!

What advice for other bride-to-be’s do you have since having your own wedding?
Chill out! I enjoyed it alot as I was relaxed about it.. No point stressing over things that really don’t matter! I feel like people worry about things they do not need to. Relax and enjoy the process! 

As well as your modeling career, you’re also a qualified nutritionist with your business Simple Sensible Nutrition which will now be housed out of Progression Fitness – what do you think are the most common misconceptions about eating healthily?
It is common for people to over-do being ‘healthy’ .. which ironically is not healthy! People often tend to cut out food groups or go all or nothing with their health. Exercising like crazy and eating their body weight in greens. This is not sustainable! Another one I get is that you should not eat bread. Or you should not eat carbs. Or that you can not eat ‘this or that!’ Healthy eating is simple if you are sensible about it. It is about eating a balanced diet and not cutting food groups out. Eat whole foods as much as you can- wholesome carbs, lean proteins, veggies, fruit and healthy fats and if you feel like indulging in a something a little less nutritious then do so in moderation.

Do you have any failsafe tips to keep in shape over the holidays?
I like to enjoy holidays, and enjoy great food and wine with friends and family, but I am careful with portion sizes of my meals and especially with deserts (having much smaller serves of the sweet/fatty stuff). I also like to keep up my exercise! I use the extra energy to hit the gym, a class or even just go for a walk.

Your favourite way to exercise is…
Bootcamps/ group sessions, because it is a mix of cardio and weighted exercise, to keep you fit and also build muscle. And I love working out with a group, it is so much more encouraging!

What is your favourite brand of workout gear?
Puma and Lululemon, they have amazing quality and wash really well.

What is your favourite healthy snack on the go?
A carrot, vege sticks and hummos, fruit, corn thins, cherry tomato’s, handful of nuts, any basic wholefoods that are easy to eat on the go!

Your favourite place in Melbourne for…

Brunch? Dennis The Menace in Cremorne/Richmond, very cool set up and great food/menu. & Moulin Nior in Port Melbourne.. It is our local and they do a beautiful breakfast, every time

Shopping? Chapel Street, South Yarra

  • We love your hair colour - it’s an amazing glossy blonde. Who’s your hairdresser?
  • Theresa is the most caring and careful hairdresser I have ever come across! She takes complete pride in her work and is a real professional in the area of colour. Rokk Ebony are the leading hairdressers in Melbourne, I always turn to them for red carpet looks and big events.