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Ali Hootman

Director and Founder of MAVI Jeans
Ali can dissect a denim trend at 20 paces and is one half of a husband and wife duo leading the Turkish denim brand’s entrée into the Australian market. Ali is always impeccably styled in Mavi denim, in her 40s and also a mother. Prior to Mavi, Ali was a national buyer at David Jones for 14 years and retail consultant.

Ali Hootman

Home is…
Bellevue Hill, NSW

What do you do?
Managing Director & Marketing Manager of MAVI Jeans Australia.

What is your favourite season and why?
Spring for its warmer weather & longer days.  It’s still cool enough for denim but love to wear my Mavi’s with a great basic Jac & Jack tee,  & Isabel Marant sandal!

You can’t leave the house without…
My phone (unfortunately), Hourglass extreme shine lip-gloss, Ultraceuticals Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF 50+, my Times Arrow Wallet & my Omega Speedmaster watch.

Most treasured possession and why?
My divine family and our health!

You’re the co-founder of Mavi Jeans with your husband, what advice do you have for others going into business with their partner or close friend?
Patience, compromise, communication, strength and a common goal!

Do you have a favourite pair of jeans? If so, why?
My favourite pair is MAVI Adriana Mid Rise Super Skinny jeans in Midnight Gold Reform.  They’re part of our new AW15 Collection – REFORM is like shape wear denim and the most comfortable pair of jeans you will ever wear!

Favourite restaurant in Sydney?
I find it hard to choose between Fratelli Paradiso in Potts Points, for Italian which they get right every time and SEFA Kitchen, Bondi Beach, for their amazing flavours of the middle east!

Double denim – yes or no?
I just can’t get enough denim in my wardrobe right now – jeans, shorts, shirts, jackets! Yes, you most certainly CAN wear double denim; it just depends on HOW you do it!  My tips are

1. Mix up the wash of denim worn
2. Incorporate white denim  – it’s double denim but you almost can’t tell!
3. Accessorise – break up your look with plain or striped tees, a fab clutch & accent shoes!

As a mum to two kids, how do you maintain a healthy work and family life balance?
I find it really hard! I now try and work from home two days a week as I find it far more time efficient, and I try to push back a little more by saying no. Without the support of family and after school care, I wouldn’t be able to do it!

Favourite holiday destination?
As a couple, my favourite destination is Ischia, Italy; the fond memories, the romance, its beauty and the food!
When travelling with the family, we love The Intercontinental, Fiji because of the proximity to Sydney, the fabulous child care of the beautiful Fijians and the beach!

Has the increase in online shopping changed the way you market Mavi?
Absolutely! A strong digital and social media strategy is paramount to success in a very competitive online market. We have to get our jeans on the butt’s of the fashion set with cred!

  • Running a successful fashion business while being a wife and mother can be exhausting, who’s your go-to for solace and recharging?
  • I visited Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat in August 2013 and the experience truly did change my life. I strive for a better work life balance & time for myself. My goal now is to afford to visit there at least every 2 years – I like to think I deserve it.