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Ali Rosenberg

Co-founder KX Cycle
After completing a Bachelor of Arts at Monash University in 2010, majoring in marketing and journalism, Ali followed a dream to further her studies in New York and start a career. Whilst living in New York, Ali developed a strong passion in the health and fitness space. She fell in love with different concepts in fitness and customer service, those that had not been seen in Australia before. Back in Australia, she struggled to find similar fitness concepts that she experienced in New York. Ali saw an opportunity to create a boutique quality service that delivers a full body workout, while being fun and engaging!

Home is: South Yarra, Melbourne

What do I do? Front of house and the ‘go to person’ for all clients. I’m the face of KX Cycle, providing the most exceptional customer service and experience.

What is the philosophy behind Kaizen Experience?
The Kaizen Experience means change for the better, focusing on small and ongoing improvements. KX abides by this mantra that we will always keep encouraging our clients to keep improving and persisting to reach their goals.

 How did the dream become reality?
I met Eli through a mutual friend, randomly calling her and asked if we could chat about an idea. I wanted an opinion from someone in the industry. We had the same vision and a shared idea of what the cycle studio would look like, the rest is history… With our persistence we made this dream a reality in a year and a half!

Since 2010, we have seen KX evolve to include Pilates, Barre, Yoga, and most recently cycle. Do you plan to keep growing into different fields of exercise or focus on a few specific areas?
For now, we will focus on cycle and making that into a huge success. I think there will always be new fitness trends evolving and KX being a leader in the industry, will always look at ways to bring new concepts and workout styles to our clients

Describe the KX space in 3 phrases…

- Personable and community driven
- High- intensity, body changing workouts
- Unique experience

What is the best thing about going into business with a friend? Are there any challenges?

Eli and I weren’t friends before we started however we have definitely developed a relationship that feels like she is my sister! We are always willing to help and assist each other, you’re not just working for yourself, but you work hard for one another. I think its imperative to keep open lines of communication to make sure you are both happy with what’s going on in all aspects of the business. And of course, working with Eli is Fun!

Your favourite way to exercise is…
I have a really short attention span so working out by myself gets tedious and boring. My favourite way to exercise is to workout in a fun and fast pace fitness environment. I get energy and motivation to work harder when I’m surrounded by other like-minded people. 

What is your favourite brand of workout gear?
I love so many fitness brands so I find it very hard to choose one. 2XU have amazing workout gear but if I had to choose one I would probably go old school and say Nike, I am obsessed!

What is your favourite healthy snack on the go?
A Nutrition Bar protein ball! Always hits the sugar craving and keeps me satisfied until my next meal. 

KX Cycle was inspired by fitness concepts you saw in the US, such as Soul Cycle… what fitness trends do you think will land on our shores next?
I think KX Cycle was inspired by cycling concepts in many different studios in America, not just one.  There is something highly appealing about an indoor cycling studio and the experience you provide for the client. It is a unique experience while getting fit at the same time. I think treadmill group training could be the next trend! Already dreaming about KX Run.

What do you miss the most about New York?
I miss the energy and the rush you get when you walk outside. I miss the feeling of never knowing what could happen just around the corner. I always felt so inspired in New York by the people and the constant innovation by so many. It is a unique city that I will always call home.

They say a healthy body starts with a healthy mind; how do you relax and stay calm in stressful situations?
When I lived in New York I did a meditation course. Meditation is an amazing way to stop and take time out of your day to put things in perspective and give yourself 20 minutes to just relax and stay calm.

What do you hope to achieve by the end of 2015?
I hope by the end of 2015 we have many people around Melbourne flocking to Richmond to come do a spin class. Eli and I hope to expand KX Cycle quickly, so we hope by the end of the year we are setting forth on the next adventure.

  • Sweating comes with the risk that your pores can get clogged, possibly causing breakouts! Who’s your beautician that keeps your skin clear?
  • I go to Jane from Classic Beauty Salon for the best facial. It is both clinical and relaxing and she gives the best face massage I have ever had!