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Alison Morgan

Director of Relauncher
Alison Morgan is the Director of Relauncher; a one-stop source for health and wellbeing solutions. Alison is an expert business coach, creator of the Australian Health and Wellness Networking Events, and an industry blogger. With her events regularly sold out, and private business coaching services in high demand, there’s no wonder Alison is an expert in her field who really lives her passion.

Name: Alison Morgan

Home is: Alexandria, Sydney

Top three handbag essentials?
- Borne Naked Bag Liner
- Hurraw Lip Balm
- Purse with money in it!

Things that make me cringe…
Unhealthy food, kicking my toe on furniture and the sight of blood

Most exciting adventure?
Travelling overseas on a health retreat to Bali.  That feeling of not being sure of what to expect certainly adds to the excitement!

If you could only eat one meal for an entire week what would it be?
Salad with roasted vegetables and nuts tossed through.  YUM!

Favourite four health and wellbeing fanatics to follow and why?

- The Nutrition Bar; Owner Eli Censor spoke at my Melbourne Health & Wellness Networking Event.  She’s an inspiration and the food at her bar is outstanding!

- @Whole_food_nutrition; stunning food pictures and an inspiration on healthy food choices.

- Amanda Bisk, She is a former Australian Pole Vaulter & Exercise Physiologist.  She is incredible with her flexibility – check out her Instagram account!

- Sweat and Oranges; Sisters & Besties (personal trainer & nutritionist).  Not only are they both lovely girls, they are incredibly motivating and inspiring when it comes to food and exercise.

Best place in Sydney for a:
-       Acai bowl? Bruce Leaves
-       Smoothie? The Grounds of Alexandria
-       Raw treat? Earth to Table
-       Caffeine hit? Campos Coffee

Favourite way to workout and where?
Xtend Barre,  Alexandria

If you were to launch yourself into a third career, what would it be and why?
Fitness Instructor of some sort.  I love exercising – I’ve always thought I would love to do this a job!

Top three business tips for those entering the health and wellness industry?
- Ensure your offering is unique.  Elements from your personality, lifestyle and journey combined with your passion will help give your product or service a unique twist.  Be prepared to dig deep!

- Know your message.  Understand what it is you are selling and then create a strong succinct message that will cut through the noise.  Ensure your message is consistent through your varying communications.

- Align your goals and vision before you get started.  Think of it as your stepping-stones.  If they’re lined up, it’s much easier to hop between them and you’ll be on the road to success!

  • You’re a busy business woman and mum on the go, where is the best place to stop in for a healthy lunch?
  • Bruce Leaves have the best acai bowls and salads!